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In today’s highly competitive environment, it has become highly essential for the management of the company to conduct an Airbnb SWOT analysis . Airbnb is a US-based online firm engaged in providing lodging, mainly tourism experiences and homestays. Airbnb does not own any property nor hosts events. The company was founded in the year 2008. The company simply works as a broker obtaining commissions from each sale or booking.  The company has hired more than 12736 individuals including employees from foreign countries to operate its business spread in more than 190 nations. In total, Airbnb is the online platform which connects tourists or travellers from all across the world with local lodging service providers.

 Airbnb is highly engaged in the accommodation business by providing the general population with a market place to learn, list and book housing facilities through the internet.  Airbnb swot analysis would involve assessing the company’s strengths and weaknesses which will provide deep insights about its internal environment. Airbnb swot analysis is also one of the most effective practices for evaluating opportunities and threats available in the market in which the company operates.

Assessing opportunities and threats is also an essential task in a swot analysis Airbnb which provides the management team to evaluate the business strategies, planning and other factors of competitors. Identification of threats through Airbnb swot analysis will give the management team with comprehensive data regarding the factors that may negatively affect the business operation the company in upcoming years. Airbnb swot analysis would help the company in developing an effective strategy to remain sustainable and competitive in the forthcoming years. 

There have been several research studies that have put a high emphasis on Airbnb swot analysis. Through swot analysis Airbnb, these research studies have been able to provide the readers and market analysts with essential data on how the company has successfully been able to operate as one of the leading brands in the lodging industry. The swot analysis Airbnb is presented as:

Airbnb Strengths

User-friendly platform- Assessing strengths is one of crucial elements of the Airbnb swot analysis. Airbnb has developed a user-friendly website which helps the customers to locate the place to stay quickly and effectively. Airbnb swot analysis also reveals that the company utilizes a highly-innovative marketing strategy which allows it to reach more significant consumer base.

Product portfolio- Airbnb swot analysis cannot be completed without talking about its product portfolio. The company offers a wide range of lodging services to its customers.  The company is aimed to establish end to end travel platform. Airbnb swot analysis also reveals that the company has also expanded its operations by enabling guests to avail guiding services like cooking classes, meetups, and guiding tours.

Cost-effective service- There are have been several Airbnb swot analysis which talked about what the main difference between Airbnb and other players in the market in the market. Recently market research and Airbnb swot analysis disclose that the company is the cheaper alternative to resorts and hotels. The company offers its services at a price less high than other platforms and hotels. Therefore, this assessment analysis reveals that Airbnb swot analysis is an effective strategy to assess the market position of the company.

Global recognition- Airbnb has been one of the most popular online platforms in the world. Airbnb swot analysis makes it clear that the company has been recognized all over the world which shows how strong the brand name of the company is.

Social media presence- The company has established its presence on several social media websites which have helped in enhancing brand awareness among higher number of customers al across the world. Airbnb swot analysis has been conducted to assess what are main communication channels of the company and the study has found that the social media networking sites including Facebook and Instagram are some of the platforms through which the company interact with its customers.

Round the clock availability- In modern time, the customers need 24*7 service offerings. In the Airbnb swot analysis, it has been revealed that the company can be availed anytime from anywhere. It is one of the main strengths of the company.  

Airbnb Plus- It is one of the unique features of the company through which Airbnb provides the customers with various options including amenities like found in hotels, listings things and several other services. Swot analysis Airbnb identifies that the company can produce such innovative products or tools.

Airbnb Collections- Airbnb swot analysis covers the discussion about all the special features launched by the company. Airbnb collections include several features Airbnb for work, homes for dinner, wedding halls, and other accommodation services.

Swot Aitbnb


This section of Airbnb swot analysis is all about assessing the failings of the company.  The brand image of the company is dependent on the quality of service providers or hosts. The business idea can easily be imitated.

Law and Regulations- Airbnb swot analysis is very critical as it also provides details about the weaknesses of the company. In the context of rules and regulations, the company faces several issues from violating various housing regulations and laws.

Easy to copy- In the modern world of the digital trend where the technology is getting enhanced on daily basis, the company’s business model is not very difficult to copy. It is one of the most significant weaknesses of the company and threats to its sustainability in future. Swot analysis Airbnb is intended to compare the company’s business model with others, and the analysis found that it can be copied easily.

Poor hosting- The company has received several complaints regarding hosting, which has negatively affected the company’s reputation. One of the main things that Airbnb swot analysis reveals about the company’s problem is that the company has been struggling with enhancing the quality of hosting which has negatively affected its business.

Higher cost- the company has always been strived for lowering the price of its se4rvcie offering. But, due to high cost in making the service highly luxuries, the company has not been able minimise its cost structure to very great extent. In the above section of Airbnb swot analysis, it was discussed that the company is cheaper than other players in the market, but it can remain sustainable with lower price structure. Therefore, Airbnb swot analysis reveals that the company is required to be more focused on reducing its cost structure.  


Airbnb swot analysi

It is always necessary to assess the opportunities available in the market. In this segment of Airbnb swot analysis, we are going to discuss how the company can expand its businesses and operations at the global marketplace by analyzing potential opportunities and resources available in the market. As per the Airbnb swot analysis, the main opportunities that can benefit the company to very great extent are discussed below:

Expansion into developing market- There are several developing nations where the company still has no presence. The company can enter into developing nations like India, which can significantly help the company to increase its business size at the international level. In developing countries, there is no fierce competition in the online marketplace industry so the company can step into such market and enjoy high brand recognition and identity. Expansion into the emerging market will significantly help the company in enhancing its overall revenue and profitability. 

Mobile Application- Airbnb swot analysis provides us with the details and knowledge about the opportunities available in the market. Swot analysis Airbnb reveals that the company can enter into the mobile application market. The analysis has identified that the number of mobile users and internet users are getting increased on daily basis which opens a vast opportunity for internet-based company to expand their business to very great extent.

Therefore, the company can develop mobile applications where it can advertise, promote and even offer its services. The mobile app will enable both guests and hosts to get connected quickly and efficiently. It will also allow the company to reach a more significant customer segment as a higher number of individuals use mobile and internet.

The increasing trend of online services- Airbnb swot analysis has also emphasized the factors which can help the company in expanding its business in more geographical areas. Swot analysis Airbnb discloses that the company has shifted its focus from operational; activities to the marketing and business expansion. The increasing trend of online services provides the company with the opportunity to expand its business to more extensive international territories and rural areas of existing marketplaces. Partnership deals with the tour and travel agencies can benefit the company at very large scale.

Low price and customization- In present time, every customer demands for high-quality products and services at an affordable price structure. Airbnb swot analysis discloses that the price structure is one of the main factors which significantly affect the profitability and overall revenue of the company, the company is focusing on reducing down its cost structure which will provide it with high opportunity to enhance its brand identity from being an expensive online platform to an affordable lodging service provider. The company can also implement customization feature into its service offering which would allow the customers to choose lodging service as per their needs, preferences, and desires.


Swot analysis Airbnb cannot be completed without identifying and discussing the risks present in the market. In this segment of Airbnb swot analysis, we are going to find what are the main factors or significant threats that can negatively affect the company’s business and sustainability. As per swot analysis Airbnb, the main threats to the company’s business operation are as follows:

Uncertain regulatory environment- Uncertainties in-laws and regulations set for tourism industry may negatively hamper the business of the company. Airbnb swot analysis reveals that the ever-changing government policies and frameworks present high threat to stability of the company’s business. As per the Airbnb swot analysis, the company is operated in more than 190 nations across the world.  Every country or state has its regulations to be followed by companies. Therefore, it has always been very challenging for the company to modify its core strategies as per the norms and standards of different states or nations.

Increasing competition- In the modern world, every company is expanding its reliance on technology and innovation. The use of internet and related technology has become common among companies in any sector. Airbnb is exposed to the high risk of high competition in the market as several new players are developing their presence on online as well as offline market to offer unique, cheaper and high-quality housing, lodging and accommodation services to tourists. The competition is getting enhanced on  daily basis which would force the company to invest more time, energy and resources in its research and development function in order to compete in the market through the strategies like cost leadership and product differentiation, Therefore, increasing competition in the sector is also a significant threat to the company’s business.

Airbnb swot analysis chart


Airbnb swot analysis


Above chart concludes the SWOT analysis Airbnb. By assessing the SWOT analysis Airbnb, it can be said that the company is in a good position in the market place and is just required to convert its weaknesses into opportunities. Swot analysis Airbnb reveals that the company has a strong brand identity and expanded its product and services in almost every country in the world. Also, this SWOT analysis Airbnb reveals that the company can enhance its market share by starting services in rural areas as well. In the context of weaknesses, the company is required to be more focused on laws and regulations, as previously conducted swot analysis Airbnb has revealed that the company is still clearing several lawsuits filed by customers against the company. Also, Airbnb swot analysis discloses that the company’s business model is quite easy to copy, which means that the company is required to make it’s model unique.

Swot analysis Airbnb also discussed the potential opportunities available in the market. Airbnb swot analysis reveals that the company can enhance its business reach by stepping into emerging nations like India.  Also, the company can develop a mobile-based application which will provide the customers to access Airbnb services in a quite effective manner.

At the end of discussion, Airbnb swot analysis provides revealing about the main threats present in the market. After conducting a comprehensive Airbnb swot analysis, it has been found that increasing competition and uncertainty in regulatory environment are the main threats to the sustainability and expansion of the company’s business. It is to be noted that Airbnb swot analysis can also be helpful for the other companies engaged in the same industry.  

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