Apa Essay Format

How does the APA essay format look like?

There are several essay formats a student can use while writing an essay paper. Some of the widely used essay formats are APA essay format, MLA essay format, and CLS essay format. APA essay format is most used essay formats among all the essay formats.  College students are required to gain knowledge about APA essay format as they have to submit essay written in APA essay format in their exams. Finding and understanding APA essay format can be a bit challenging for the students. But, in this blog, the students have a good chance to understand APA essay format in simple language. If you are also searching for a proper APA essay format then you just need to read the APA essay format guidelines given in this paper. Several students, even you, might be more focused on the point how long should a college essay be. But let us tell you that this comes after the formatting of the essay paper. You must first understand the APA essay format.

APA Essay Format

Basics of APA essay

As per the standard APA essay format, an APA essay paper consists of four sections – title page, abstract, essay, and reference list. Students in their academic career come across several APA essay assignments. Therefore, the knowledge of APA essay format is significantly for them.


In general, as per the standard APA essay format, the students are suggested to use times new roman with 12 size font while writing an essay in APA style.


APA essay format also requires the student to take spacing guidelines into considerations.  In general, the students are suggested to use double spacing between the lines in order enhance the readability of the paper. Students are often found asking questions like how long should a college essay be?  Double spacing makes the essay paper lengthy in terms of number of pages.


It is another important point that is discussed in APA essay format guidelines. As per the standard APA essay format, the students should keep the 1-inch margin between the content and page line.

Title page

The first page of the APA essay format paper belongs to title of the essay. In the title page, you will write ‘Running Head: TOPIC NAME’ in left corner of the header of the first page.  After inserting some blank space by pressing 4 times you write topic name, college name, course name and date one after one by pressing enter. That is how a typical title page in an APA essay format is created.


In the second page of the paper, you write topic name in the left-most corner of header of the page. As per the APA essay format, this paper belongs to an abstract or executive summary. You align the main heading Abstract in the top center of the page. That is how you make your main headings in the APA essay format.

Main body

After the abstract, the main content of the APA essay format paper is written under the body of the APA essay. You can design the outlines for your APA essay format as per your need. But you have to make sure that your APA essay format paper starts with an introductory paragraph where you define and describe the significance, objectives, and intent of the paper. Also, as per the APA essay format, you have to make sure your paper is written in time new roman with 12 font size and has 1-inch margin all around. A standard APA essay format requires you to design headings and subheadings in a professional manner. APA essay format does not require you to make use of coloring your content  as it gives your essay paper a bit casual touch.


As per the standard APA essay format, you should present the summary of main findings at the end of your paper through a brief conclusion. Your professional APA essay format paper ends with a conclusion. Now you can edit your paper. You can figure out how long should a college essay be.

What is Argumentative Essay

The argumentative essay format is a different kind of essay format in which requires the students to research a topic, generate, collect and analyze evidence. In an argumentative essay, you develop a position on the topic in a very conscious manner. In colleges and universities, the students have to complete argumentative essay for which they need to understand the argumentative essay format. There are several numbers of students who are not able to understand the difference between simple essay format or APA essay format or argumentative essay format. To know what the argumentative essay format, they go online and search for argumentative essay format. They find various online articles, blogs, and websites describing the argumentative essay format.  If you are also searching for a correct and widely used argumentative essay format then you have come to the right place. In this blog you will be able to understand how an argumentative essay is written by following an adequate argumentative essay format.

Argumentive Essay

Before going to understand and assess the argumentative essay format, you should understand what the argumentative essay format is about. Argumentative essay, in general, calls for extensive research of the proposed topic. Argumentative essay format helps you in preparing an effective argumentative essay. As per the argumentative essay format, the author requires to conduct empirical research where the author collects the information about the topic of the essay. Argumentative essay format suggests the author develop a thesis statement to sound in a professional manner.

Structure of the argumentative essay format

In this section of the blog, you will be able to gain knowledge about the argumentative essay format. You should read this section very carefully.  There are several occasions in schools and colleges when the students are required to write an argumentative essay. But without a comprehensive knowledge of argumentative essay format, students are not able to deliver their argumentative essay. Therefore, understanding of argumentative essay format is very critical for the students. A standard argumentative essay format is given as follows. You can take reference from this argumentative essay format and complete your argumentative essay.

Thesis statement in the first paragraph

As per the standard argumentative essay format, you should write a clear and conscious thesis statement in the introductory paragraph of the argumentative essay. If you see
any argumentative essay format available online, you will notice that they start with a thesis statement. You do not have to be worried about the question how long should a college essay be.

Logical and clear transition between Introduction and main body of the essay

The argumentative essay format is structured in such a manner that there are enough and clear gap and transition between the introductory paragraph of the essay. It is one of the common things you can notice in every argumentative essay format available online.

Evidential support of your argument

No argumentative essay format is complete without proper evidential support that can back up your data and support the research. You might be thinking that it makes the paper lengthy, but you are not required to think about how long a college essay should be. A standard argumentative essay format requires you to provide enough evidential support for your research.

Counter Argument

It is one of the most critical sections in argumentative essay format. You are required to present a counterargument in your essay paper. You might be considering the fact of how long should a college essay be. But, you should focus on the counterargument suggested by argumentative essay format.


At the end of argumentative essay format, you are required to write a short conclusion which summarises your main findings and points you identified in your argumentative essay format. Now, you should check how long should a college essay be. After checking the length of your essay, you can adjust it accordingly. It is time when the question how long should a college essay come in a role.

Length of an essay paper

There has always been a discussion on how long should a college essay be.  In general, there is no specific length of the paper. The answer to the question how long should a college essay be is not standardized. However, if you are writing a college application essay then you can complete in around 650 words.  Minimum length of your essay paper should be 250 words. Below that word count your essay would not be considered as an essay. You cannot address your issue or idea or content in an essay of word count below than 250 words. If someone asks you how long should a college essay be then you can suggest him/her keep it more than 250 words. There are several essays online where you can see that the standard word count of an essay varies from 250 words to 2000 words. You also see several college essay samples where the author has written more than 2000 words.  But there are only few occasions when a typical college essay goes more than 2500 words. There has been a lot confusion regarding how long should a college essay be. But, if you consider a normal assignment essay then you can write from 300 words to 3000 words.

It has already been made clear that the answer to the question how long should a college essay be is given in word count instead of number of pages. Students often search online how much words should they write in the essay or how long should a college essay be. These students are, eventually, asking for a standard word count. How long should a college essay be? And the answer to this question is that it depends on the several factors such as topic of your research, requirement of your course and professor guidelines. You can keep your essay short in length by writing the content in single spacing or smaller font size. But, if you ask how long should a college essay be in word count then you will getting several suggestions such as keep it below 2000 words, do not extend it beyond 3000 words or do it as per your requirement. In total, search query like how long should a college essay be cannot be answered in a specific manner across the world.

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