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A Guide to Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a kind of essay that presents both sides of the coin. It, therefore, shows both sides of the issues related to essay topics. It presents an idea, thus favoring a particular side of the issue. Also, it could be that both sides are presented in a balanced manner, relating to essay topics, in an argumentative essay. The perspective of the writer is what matters when writing an argumentative essay, based on the essay topics. The things to write about, in an argumentative essay as per essay topics are to show that the opinion or hypothesis about a certain phenomenon is correct or not.

An argumentative essay template is thus, an act of forming reasons, drawing inferences, and making conclusions, are some of the things to write about. It shows the process of the reasoning of the writer relates to essay topics.

The argumentative essay template does not have to prove the point entirely, instead have only to convince the readers that the point the writer has put forward is more valid. It should also prove that the points mentioned in the essay topics are more appropriate, accurate than the competing arguments. Thus, in an argumentative essay, the writer takes a stance on essay topics. An argumentative essay persuades the reader to understand and support the viewpoint of essay topics. Moreover, the writer convinces the reader by stating the reasoning and providing evidence to back it up.

argumentative essay

While framing an argumentative essay template and deciding on things to write about, one has to undergo an extensive study of the literature on the related essay topics. Detailed understandings of essay topics allow the writer to comprehend things from different viewpoints to support the topic with the evidence and helps in determining things to write about. An essential element of the argumentative essay template is that it should carry a clear thesis statement and sound reasoning to help the facts. Thus, an argumentative essay is held together by a clear and defined thesis statement, which is mentioned in the first paragraph of the essay.

Preliminary Steps in Argumentative Essay Topics

Doing research: Conducting preliminary research related to related essay topics. Researching the facts and examples that support the arguments should also be investigated. It also aids in determining the things to write about.

Creating an outline essay template: Creating an outline essay template, and the things to write about in the main points will form the arguments of essay topics in the argumentative essay. Including the most important topic and eliminating the least important or irrelevant ones are the things to write about and considered.

Start writing: Starting from the easiest and the relevant topics are the things to write about. This helps in creating and maintaining the flow of ideas as per the essay template that would make the writing of argumentative essay topics smoother.

Edit and proofread: Lastly, the essential step is to edit the easy where one finds the need for it. Proofread and edit the essay, before handing it over for correcting the overlooked mistakes.

Argumentative Essay Template and Things to Write About

An argumentative essay template is organized in the following manner, which also focuses on the things to write about as per the essay template:

Introductory paragraph: According to the essay template, the introductory paragraph of an argumentative essay should outline essay topics, provide background history with supporting arguments, extracted thorough an extensive literature study. Also, in the introductory part, the things to write about in the argumentative essay should include the thesis statement along with the evidence. The thesis statement related to essay topics should be concise, which should summarize the main argument of the argumentative essay in accordance with essay template.

Body paragraph: According to an idle argumentative essay template, it should comprise more than three paragraphs. Each paragraph should present a piece of evidence, which supports the thesis statement, which assists in unfolding things to write about in essay topics. A topic sentence should clearly state why a reader should agree with the idea. Body paragraphs should be backed up by evidence and examples in accordance with the essay template and statics to make essay topics more reliable and persuasive. Addressing opposing viewpoints and disagreeing with the by presenting relevant facts and figures adds credibility to the argumentative essay and gaining readers’ trust at the same time.

Conclusion: In accordance with the argumentative essay template, reiterating the thesis statement, and summarizing, all the ideas are encompassed in the body paragraph. Including all the major points of the argumentative essay related to essay topics along with the concluding remarks aids in elicit readers’ emotions. Therefore, the conclusion must be effective. Moreover, a conclusion should not only reiterate the thesis statement but should also readdress in light of the evidence provided.

Characteristics of Argumentative Essays

Planning: Prior to writing an argumentative essay, proper planning should be taken into account. The planning should include what ideas are to be taken and conveyed, related to essay topics.

Structure: Structuring the Argumentative essays, thus consisting of an introductory statement, three or more body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.

Facts and hypothesis: Thus, along with the thesis statement and every paragraph containing a central idea, it should be backed by facts related to the essay topics.

Issuer posture: The main aim of the argumentative essay is to convince readers about one of the central ideas.

Demonstration and argumentative sequence: Argumentative essay must state the hypothesis and the facts. Thus argumentative essay should state the facts and the hypothesis to persuade the readers.

argumentative essay

Types of Argumentative Essay Claims

There are five types of claims, which can be included in the argumentative essay. These are the things to write about in an argumentative essay

Authenticity: The claim supported is a fact or not.

Definition: What exactly the essay topics tell about and how the essay topics can be defined.

Value: The importance of the issues of the related essay topics. And how critical is to address them.

Cause and effect: The possible cause and how did it happen and its effect?

Policy: Measure to tackle the issues and the laws that need to be enforced? What are the changes that need to be focused on?

These components play a very vital role in changes in the perspective of the readers.

Types of Arguments

There are three types of arguments that can be used in an argumentative essay. Using them separately or combining them can be used to form an argument.

Aristotelian Argument Strategy: This strategy problem is highlighted, and a solution is provided. After providing the solution, one tries to persuade the reader that the proposed solution is correct.

Toulmin Argument Strategy: This type of argument breaks down an argument into different parts. The strategy followed in this type of argumentative essay are claim, grounds, quantifier, warrant, rebuttal, and backing, and are vital things to write about.

Rogerian Argument Strategy: This kind of strategy is used in an argumentative essay, in which it is difficult to find a ground for the argument. The core idea of this concept is to find a point of agreement and convincing readers that one is considering the point of counter-argument as well.

Moreover, the things that one needs to take care of while writing an argumentative essay are:

Disjointed writing structure: A disjointed writing structure always fails to communicate the basic idea to the reader. It also results in the deviation from the main idea of essay topics.

Pointless research: An unrelated extensive literature review for writing an argumentative essay is all pointless, as it does not help to present the core idea of essay topics.

Convoluted composition style: Complex and complicated composition style often leads to a lack of responsiveness to the readers as well as misinterpretation of the core idea of essay topics.

Wandering point of view: Beating around the bush, would lead the argumentative essay nowhere. The arguments presented should be to the point and persuasive

Contradictory arguments: The evidence presented in an argumentative essay should put forward firmly along with important things to write about, like supporting statements. The arguments that the writer desires to put forward should not be ambiguous and contradictory. Therefore, writing within the constricted outlines and to the point has the following the benefits:

  • Essay topics written to the points strongly supports the argumentative essay topics theme
  • Both sides of the arguments tend to be well reasoned, and the strengths and the weakness are easily identified.
  • Writing as well as reading both sides of the arguments would be interesting to read if presented properly.

Advantages of Writing an Argumentative Essay

Develop critical thinking skills: Argumentative essay helps in developing critical thinking skills. Individuals acquire critical thinking through formal education and also help in developing logical reasoning. It also helps in presenting the argument and finding loopholes in other arguments as well. It enables an individual to notice the faulty logic. An argumentative essay also enhances the convincing skills.

 Emphasizes persuasion: Working on argumentative essay topics enhances the art of persuasion of the writer.

Enhances broad thinking: Argumentative essay topics promote broad thinking. The writer needs to have extensive knowledge about essay topics, which helps writers resist the opposing views and encapsulates them into the argument as well.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Some examples of argumentative essay topics can be

Is religion a cause of war?

Should buying lottery tickets be legalized?

Are social media sites resulting in more criminal activities?

Are the cellphones really a bonus?

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