Essay Introduction

How to Write an Essay Introduction

A general essay introduction outline of an essay is commonly written for purposes like learned arguments, daily observations and literary criticism. An essay is derived from the French word essayer, meaning to attempt. An essay is thus, a short form of a composition which is based on a single subject. It is a short piece of writing on a particular topic, which provides the personal arguments of an author. Traditionally, essays have been classified into formal and informal types. A brief essay introduction to a formal essay is that it is more of a serious purpose, with logical explanation and length. Whereas, when considering a summarized essay introduction of an informal essay, it consists of more of a personal element that includes experiences, self- revelation, and individual tastes.

Types of Essay

An essay introduction to the kinds of essay involves four types, having two forms: formal and informal essay :

Expository Essays

An expository essay focuses on the theme, idea, or particular issues. The writer presents one’s own opinions. A brief thesis statement is written in the essay introduction paragraph that summarizes the essence of the essay. Along with the essay introduction paragraph, the piece consists of a body and a conclusion.

Descriptive Essays

This type of essay describes a particular topic or is based on the traits of a specific subject or a person in detail. A descriptive essay creates images in the minds of the audience with the help of five senses.

Narrative Essays

The very basic essay introduction outline to such kind of essay is that they are non-fictional and describes the article with sensory descriptions. The writer, along with the story, augments it by adding reasons to the story.

Persuasive Essays

The general essay introduction outline of this kind of essay involves the writer trying to convince the audience to accept his point of view on a particular issue. The writer provides solid reasoning along with factual statements to support his views. An extensive literature survey and a lot of research is used to claim and defend the ideas.

Types of essay

Essay Introduction Outline 

The outline of an essay is a roadmap of any essay. Writing the main ideas, with supportive arguments and relevant essay topics and subheading, forms an introduction outline of the essay. Without an essay introduction outline or blueprint, it makes the task of writing the essay much harder. Framing an essay introduction outline helps in producing a better piece of an essay. Framing essay introduction outline can be helpful in the following ways:

  • Researching, after forming an essay introduction outline helps in studying a lot of data related to the specific essay topic. It also assists in understanding the kind of information to be extracted without losing any relevant piece of the information.
  • By bordering the essay introduction outline, one can get a better understanding of the subject. This will eventually lead to explaining the topic to the audience easily,
  • By structuring an essay introduction outline, an individual will precisely know where to find that particular piece of information, which will be required while presenting an essay.

Need for an Essay Outline

It assists in organizing the thoughts of the writer. Structuring the essay introduction outline helps in understanding the information flow Also, the basis of forming an essay introduction outline will help in ensuring that no relevant data is missed out as the manuscript of the paper is already available Thus, essay outline helps to write the piece better and in an organized way.

Essential parts of an Essay

Essential part of essay

The following topics of essay introduction outline will help in providing a clearer picture of the outlining an essay:

Introduction: The essay introduction outline mentions the topic of the article and the thesis statement. A thesis statement is the lifeblood of the essay introduction outline. It helps in supporting each paragraph of the essay body.

Body paragraphs: A minimum of at least three paragraphs should be included in the essay body. Every paragraph should contain a topic sentence as per the essay introduction outline. It should also include supporting facts, data, and examples that help in supporting the topic statement of the paragraph.

Conclusion: Reiterating the thesis statement and summarizing the goals of the essay should also be included while framing the essay introduction outline.

Essay Outline Samples

An essay introduction outline, based on the different types of essays, is being discussed in the forthcoming paragraphs. The very basic step is to determine the type of essay that is to be written. To determine it, one needs to assess what one is aspiring to achieve. Is the article focusing on persuading the readers, or entertaining them, or describing a particular topic? After getting an insight about the aim of the essay, the writer frames an essay introduction outline.

Narrative Essay: Essay introduction outline in a narrative essay should outline the following points:

  • Framing a thrilling point
  • Including a conflict
  • Exaggerate without lying

The best strategy to make the article more alive is to use the imagination and characteristics like emotions, feelings, and so on. The basic essay introduction outline of a narrative essay should have:


  • Describing a topic in a couple of sentences. Introducing the subject of the narrative essay along with a thesis statement and the plan of development.
  • A thesis statement

Body Paragraphs: 

  • Setting of background for the story and providing supporting details. Providing supporting details and experiences should be included in the other paragraphs.
  • Characters (people involved)
  • Commencement of the event
  • The climax of the story
  • Ending


  • Reiterating the thesis statement
  • Call of action
Persuasive Essay

When working on the essay introduction outline, collecting information from different sources like a magazine, journals articles is the fundamental and essential step. The summary of the essay introduction outline consists of:


  • Hook statement
  • Thesis statement

Body Paragraph one, two, and three includes:

  • Topic sentence
  • Citation and Statics
  • Evidence to support the arguments


  • Restating of the thesis statement
  • Summarizing the main points
  • Providing a call to action

Comparative Essay:

Comparative essay introduction outline comprises of the following structure:


  • Introduce the main topic
  • Specific topics and the topics to be compared
  • A thesis statement

Body paragraph one, two, and three:

  • Point one, two, and three, along with the topic sentence of the essay introduction paragraph.


  • Summarizing the topic
  • Stating the significance of the topic
  • Evaluation of future developments
Descriptive Essay


  • Introducing the topic of the descriptive essay with a thesis statement to include the person, place, or the object which one is referring to in the essay.

Body Paragraph one, two, and three includes:

  • Setting the scene and the factual evidence with additional sensory details and descriptions.


  • Concluding the essay with a paragraph that restate the thesis statement and the descriptive details.
How to Start a College Essay

A substantial amount of the work is needed in terms of how to start a college essay. When working on how to start a college essay, there are some elements that need to be taken care of. In the context of how to start a college essay, one should determine the topic of the article. When working on how to start a college essay, it should be based on personal experience, a person, or anything that can impact one’s life.


When recalling events, just recounting does not help. The essay should also include what one has learned from the experience and its impact on one’s life.

Writing Drafts:

Writing a draft is also one of the preliminary steps in how to start a college essay. Drafting an essay structure when considered how to start a college essay helps in the generation of the ideas and surveying the literature review in accordance with it.

No Repeats:

 When working on how to start a college essay, it should be kept in mind that the statements are not repeated and are not contradictory to each other.

Edit and Proofread:

Having a proper essay introduction outline when working on how to start a college essay is as important as editing and proofreading the article once it is completed.

Ways to Make an Essay Stand Out

Grabbing the Reader’s Attention: While working on how to start a college essay, the first paragraph should grab the attention of the readers. The introduction paragraph should be imperative, which catches the attention of the readers. Starting with a question, a bold statement, or an interesting quote can be one of the strategies on how to start a college essay to grab reader’s attention

Making Essay Correct and Beautiful: Some things should be kept in mind while working on how to start a college essay. The opening of the essay should not be crowded. Proper margins headings and subheadings should be distributed evenly. Provide an essay prompt at the opening of the essay. Consistent separate paragraphs, with adequate indenting and using block style, also helps in making the essay beautiful. An article without mistakes should be kept in mind when one is preparing on how to start a college essay.

 Logical and clear: When thinking of how to start a college essay, one needs to be consistent and clear while writing an essay.

Leaving readers with a lasting impression: When framing the statements on how to start a college essay and ending the article, it should include and summarizes the most important aspects of the topic. It should create a lasting impression in the mind of the readers.

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