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Exploratory Essay Definition

Answering what an exploratory essay is, starts without an end in mind. In context to what is an exploratory essay, it is different form argumentative essay. Exploratory essay is very different from any other essay that one has written. Exploratory essay deals in finding the problem and perhaps finding out some preliminary conclusions on how the problem can be solved. From the perspective of what is Exploratory essay, it allows the research and the writer’s direction to determine the outcome. Exploratory Essay deals in writing to learn than writing to prove what the writers know.

Answer to what is an exploratory essay is a special type of paper that gives the writer a kind of privilege to explore the problem when writing. Based on the problem in the exploratory essay, the writer does not need to frame a supporting statement or find and provide supporting arguments. In context to what is an exploratory essay, the writer is free to conduct research on the exploratory research topics and show it to the mortals.

This is the reason that exploratory essay topics are fun to write about than any other essay. Exploratory essay topics can also be called an investigative essay because they are supposed to investigate and do not prove the thesis statement. When researching on exploratory essay topics, one should present an overview of the different points of view of the same exploratory essay topics.

After gathering the information from the relevant sources, the writer can concentrate on its own point of view on related exploratory essay topics. Ideal exploratory essay examples question based on exploratory essay topics are:

Is it true: The question indicates if exploratory essay topics or problem is real or not.

What does the exploratory essay topics problem mean: It is the question to exploratory essay topics problems, and answer to it, and shows the meaning of it to the readers

Is it important and how much: This question shows the importance of exploratory essay topics problems.

What was the cause: To explain the cause of exploratory essay topics in which the writer investigate in essays.

What actions to take: It deals and explains what can be done regarding the exploratory essay topics problem.

Features of an Exploratory Essay:

            An exploratory essay has the following key features:

Features And Purpose of an Exploratory Essay

  • It focuses on one main topic that needs to be thoroughly researched.
  • It provides readers with the insight on given exploratory essay topics, and with information which they were previously unaware of.
  • It allows the audience to get familiar with the writer’s style and touch; also, the exploratory essay should be convincing.

Purpose of Expository Essay

In the context of what is exploratory essay purpose, it builds on the inquiry essay and contributes to a range of arguments rather than on a single issue. The purpose of writing on expository essay topics are:

  • Expository essay topics focus on questions rather than on a thesis statement.
  • There are two ideal exploratory essay examples to compose exploratory essay topics which yield different effects are :

In-process strategy produces proximity, while retrospective strategy produces more artistically designed essays.

  • In context to what is an exploratory essay, it regularly considers the strength and weaknesses of various different solutions to a problem in exploratory essay topics.
  • In the framework of what is an exploratory essay, they address both the content-oriented question and rhetorical questions about the possible responses to exploratory essay topic problems under consideration.

What Makes a Good Topic?

In the perspective of what is an exploratory essay and what makes good exploratory essay topics are:

  • Good exploratory essay examples for exploratory essay topics should be such that is not solved.
  • Ideal exploratory essay examples for exploratory essay topics should not be such whose fact the writer could easily check the answers to.
  • Perfect exploratory essay examples for exploratory essay topics should be such in which people have different views on exploratory essay topics.
  • Good exploratory essay examples for exploratory essay topics should be interesting to the people at present.
  • Ultimate exploratory essay examples for exploratory essay topics should be linked to an enduring issue.

Exploratory Essay Examples

Some of the exploratory essay examples by famous authors:

“The Battle of the Ants” by Henry D. Thoreau is one of the exploratory essay examples.

“How It Feels to Be Colored Me,” by Zora N. Hurston is another exploratory essay examples.

Naturalization,” by Charles Dudley Warner is yet another exploratory essay examples.

Another exploratory essay examples are  “New Year’s Eve,” by Charles Lamb and “Street Haunting: A London Adventure,” by Virginia Woolf

Exploratory Outline

In the context of what is exploratory essay and its outline following are the steps for presenting an ideal exploratory essay examples

  • The introduction part defines and describes the present arguable question.
  • Analyzing the situation of the issue that includes the text, author, and constraints. (body paragraph one)
  • Summarizing and identifying at least three significant issues. (body paragraph two)
  • Indicating the personal issue related to exploratory essay topics. (Conclusion)
  • Optional: If one might want to add visuals to the paper.


To write, a good introduction these things need to be kept in mind:

  • To grab the attention of the reader’s interest by using introductory techniques to explain the situation and the argument.
  • Ensuring that the readers understand the issue and its importance.
  • Telling the arguable questions at the end of the introduction.

Some ideas to present an interesting introduction are

  • Re tell a real story
  • By giving statics
  • Portray a made-up scenario
  • Clearly describe a scene or a picture
  • A real conversation about the issue
  • Talking about the importance of the argument
  • Use of interesting statement or quote
  • Presenting the history of the argument
  • Writing a list of the problems
  • Quoting examples of the problem
  • Using a frame to start and end the story
  • Using interview questions and answers

Exploratory Outline


The body in ideal exploratory essay examples has two parts.

Part one

Part one of the body deal includes:

Text: What kind of writing is to be done on related exploratory essay topics, and does it need an academic study as well?

Reader: Who are the audience that the writer is catering to? Why is the audience interested in reading particular exploratory essay topics?

Author: Who are all writing on following exploratory essay topics and the common ground between the authors and the audiences?

Exigency: What circumstances make the writers, as well as the audience interested and the enduring values, does the essay relates to? Also, what are the histories of the issue and the questions related to exploratory essay topics?

Part two

Part two of the body explain the different positions that the writer needs to write in a separate paragraph which

  • Explains the position
  • Focuses on why to believe that position.
  • Presenting the best argument for that position
  • Explaining how the arguments are supported.


The conclusion of the essay focuses on presenting the writer’s personal opinions on exploratory essay topics. One can also explain why one is interested in the following topic. The writer can use some techniques to impress and grab the attention of the readers, which are as follows:

  • Finishing the frame story.
  • Adding the final evidence which one finds the most interesting.
  • Telling the audience the writer’s point of view.
  • Challenging the readers to decide.
  • Outlining the main things based on what is essential and what is not important.

Outlining Peer Editing:

After one has written the outline, getting help by talking about the essay in a small group or to the peers. By this, one can get an insight into the effect of the essay that one can have on the audience. Some of the points that needs to be discussed are:

  • Is the introduction interesting, and whether one can understand the issue and the question?
  • Do the questions and the arguing points match?
  • Is the context of the questions clear?
  • Any other supporting pieces of evidence that peers can think and relate to?
  • Is the response appropriate and interesting and how it can be done much better?
  • Anything that the peers think is missing or needs to be explained more?
Drafting Peer Editing Work Sheet

Presenting the exploratory essay to the peers and getting feedback is a great way to improve the content of the essay. This not only helps in understanding the common mistakes but also helps in including things that can make the paper more impressive.

Therefore, for presenting an exploratory essay, a writer should focus on providing solutions to a given problem. Also, an ideal exploratory essay example is one that is written within the framework of the outline structure that focuses on every aspect related to the exploratory essay topics on which the writer writes about.

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