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Expository Essay or Explanatory Essay

Expository Essay Explanatory Essay

Expository Essay/ Explanatory Essay

Before getting into an insight into what is expository essay or explanatory essay, one should know the meaning of expository. The expository is derived from the word exposition. Exposition is the noun of expose, which means to uncover or lay something bare. In light of what is expository essay it is also called an explanatory essay. It presents other people view, reports events, or a situation.

When in light of what is expository essay, an expository essay is a kind of writing that tends to explain, illustrate, clarify, or explain in a way that it becomes clear to the audience. An expository essay explains or expounds something. Therefore, expository essay is a kind of essay that requires the writer to investigate an idea, evaluate evidence, develop an idea ad putting forth an argument clearly and concisely.

To present an idea clearly and concisely, an appropriate type of essay like comparison and contrasts, cause and effect, descriptive, etc., can be chosen depending on the nature of the topic. Through the above expository definition, it gives a clear picture of what is expository essay. Thus, an expository essay could be an investigation or an argument or an evaluation of an idea for clarification.

To summarize expository definition on what is expository essay in simple terms, it can be considered as one natural formula that describes it is: information plus analysis. Thus, based on expository definition, an expository essay entails the writer conducting research and investigate an idea by gathering supporting pieces of evidence. It helps in presenting the view or the argument of the topic.

After answering the most vital question of what is expository essay, one should start searching for the relevant information. While searching the information, one should be careful since not all the sources are reliable. Finding trustworthy information for the essay topic should be of prime importance. Thus, while looking at the samples and getting started to work on it, one should not only read essay definition but should also have illustrative examples. These illustrative examples help in writing an expository essay in accordance with the expository definition.

Purpose of Expository Essay

After getting an insight into what is expository essay, the very purpose of an expository is to explain a topic logically and directly. The goal of an expository is to present fairly, completely, and objectively, other people’s views, or to describe an event or a process. An expository definition is, it prefers facts over opinions. In the context of what is expository essay and its purpose, it presents a subject in detail with an explanation rather than just evaluating it. An ideal expository definition reveals that it is designed to convey information or an explanation that is difficult to understand, rather than to prove a point or an argument. An expository essay is written with factual information rather than just exhibiting personal feelings, as in the case of a descriptive essay.

The expository definition of an essay normally proceeds in an orderly analysis of the parts. In connection to expository definition, an expository essay also uses familiar illustrations and analogies, with an explanation of how the specific parts work together and what they lead to. An expository essay can both be written in third as well as in the third person.

Essential to Explanatory essay/ Expository essay

An excellent explanatory essay or expository essay include the following:

Essential to Explanatory essay Expository essay

  • In the context of what is expository essay, the introduction paragraph should clearly state what needs to be analyzed or explained, in the perspective of the expository definition.
  • Every paragraph should have a distinct supporting topic.
  • Every subsequent paragraph should be appropriately sequenced. It should have a smooth transition from a topic to another.
  • Each sentence should directly relate to the topic.
  • Using precise and accurate words should be used.
  • The conclusion paragraph should underline the essence of the essay in a meaningful and impressive way.

 Therefore, while considering what is expository essay/ explanatory essay in the context of expository definition, these points need to be kept in mind.

Types of Expository Essay/ Explanatory Essay

Apart from knowing what is expository essay and expository definition, its types should also be considered. There various types of expository essay/explanatory essay which are as follows:

Definition Essay: It explains the meaning of a word or a concept. The topic, after understanding the concept of what is expository essay, can be of a particular subject or can be an abstract term.

Compare and Contrast Essay: It describes the similarities and the differences between two or more subjects related to the topic. The writer compares how things are alike and also depicts how things are different.

Cause and Effect Essay: Once getting an insight into what is expository essay, the writer can choose the type of explanatory essay or expository essay which he would like to undertake to discuss a particular topic. In such a kind of explanatory essay, the writer identifies a relationship between two subjects, focusing on the cause and effect relationship among them. It explains how the thing affects each other and how they depend on each other.

How to Essay: They are also called a process essay. This type of explanatory essay, explains a procedure, or step by step process, on how to do something by instructing the reader. Moreover, it explains or shows the process of doing something. This type of essay can also be undertaken once getting an insight into what is expository essay.

Problem and Solution essay: This type of explanatory essay presents a problem and its solutions to the audience.

Thus, these are the types of essays that one should consider when after getting an idea of what is expository essay.

Types of Expository Essay Explanatory Essay

How to Write an Ideal Explanatory Essay

Considering the explanatory definition in mind, there are many ways to write a great expository essay. However, all types of explanatory essays follow the same basic step. An effective method of writing an expository essay or explanatory essay in light of the expository definition is the POET method.

P for Purpose:

Every expository essay or an explanatory essay according to expository definition has a purpose. Based on the purpose, a topic is selected.

  • An ideal essay never deviates from the essence of the central idea, and are consistent throughout.
  • In accordance with expository definition, one should be sure to choose a topic that is specific enough to be tackled within the boundaries of the essay.

O for Organization

  • Starting the essay with the introductory paragraph. It helps in building a structure for the rest of the essay. It is the opportunity to grab the reader’s interest by presenting an impressive introductory paragraph.
  • Keeping in mind the expository definition and its purpose, each paragraph should be well organized and in a sequential manner. Moreover, each body paragraph of the explanatory essay should include a supporting piece of evidence and describes how it connects to the purpose.
  • Each paragraph should include a topic sentence, giving an idea to the readers about the topic to be focused on, in coordination with the thesis statement.
  • Ending the explanatory essay or expository essay with a concluding paragraph by re-stating the thesis statement. Also, ensure avoiding introducing new ideas in the concluding paragraph.

E for Evidence

  • An ideal essay does more than simply making assertions. A perfect expository essay in light of expository definition presents an idea that is supported by pieces of evidence found from outside sources.
  • The evidence found and written should be from reputable and well- respected sources.
  • Ensure to cite every source that one has used from the evidence of the paper, according to the different format styles.

T for Thesis:

  • The thesis statement is the essence of the expository essay. It is the core of the essay and is what each body paragraph and every piece of evidence tries to support.
  • The thesis statement should be the final sentence of the introductory paragraph. Try to be as specific as possible.

A Framework of Expository Essay


  • Should be an attention grabber which encompasses a hook
  • Should present background information.
  • A thesis statement delivering the core the topic

Body (Three paragraphs)

  • Identify the idea with a topic sentence.
  • Provide supporting evidence in alignment with the topic sentence.
  • Explaining the evidence by connecting it to the argument.


  • Reiterating the thesis statement.
  • Summing up all the arguments and topics of the essay.
  • Wrap the essay with a robust conclusion to impress the audience.
Polishing it Up

Before submitting the final work, ensure to take a couple of proactive steps by checking the clarity of the explanatory essay or the expository essay. As the foremost goal of an essay is to explain the core of the topic, therefore it must be ensured that the writer explains and simplifies the topic concisely and transparently. Rereading and editing the explanatory essay or the expository essay should be the final step.

Writing an essay that is unclear and not in coordination with the topic elicits a negative image in the mind of the reader. Thus, the essay should be in sync with the topic and should be grammatically correct with appropriate punctuations. Rereading the essay number of times and ensuring that the essay is error-free, also helps in presenting an outstanding essay to the readers.

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