An Overview Family Branding

An Overview: Family Branding

Family branding or umbrella branding is a type of brand extension that only involves the marketing of a similar product. Before getting an insight into family branding or umbrella branding, umbrella brand, and family branding examples, it is essential to understand the term brand. Branding helps in identifying a product and distinguishing it from other products and services. Branding is a kind of marketing in which a company creates a symbol name or a design that distinguishes itself from other competitors. Branding helps in easy identification of the company, just like family branding or umbrella branding.

Branding is essential not only it makes a memorable impression on consumers but also allows the customers and the clients to know what to expect from the company. It helps and allows in clarifying what the company offers that makes the company a better choice.

Therefore, branding is an essential aspect of a business, whether big or small, retail, or business to business. An effective brand strategy gives the company a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Defining the brand and developing a brand strategy can be complicated. While establishing the brand, it is necessary to work on the strategy on how to get the word out. Some of the time tested tips are as follows

  • Design and get a great logo and place it everywhere.
  • Write down the brand message: The key messages that the company wants to communicate about the brand. Every employee should be aware of the attributes related to the products and the services.
  • Integrating the brand: Integrating the brand with every aspect of the business like how to answer the phones, what do the salespeople wear on a sales call, email signature, etc.
  • Creating a voice that reflects the brand: The voice should be applied to all the written communications as well as should be incorporated in the visual imagery of all materials, be it online or offline.
  • Developing a tagline: Write a meaningful, memorable, and concise statement that gives the essence of the brand.
  • Design template and create brand standards: Using the same logo placement, color scheme look, and similar feel throughout makes the brand standardized. No need to be fancy, just be consistent.
  • Being true to the brand: Delivering the brand promise will help in retaining sustaining and enhancing the customers. Customers will not return if one does not deliver the brand promise.
  • Be consistent: Providing a standardized brand experience at every corner will help you to gain a competitive advantage and will also help in creating brand awareness.

Umbrella Branding or Family Branding

Defining family branding or umbrella branding is like a journey of business and self-discovery. It can, at times, be difficult, time-consuming, and uncomfortable. Companies and brand marketers continuously search for innovative ways to achieve competitive advantage. Attractive and effective growth can be obtained by increasing market share. Therefore, by launching new products in the market or by increasing the sales volume, one can achieve a competitive advantage in this competitive scenario.

Benefits and Examples of Umbrella Branding

Also, attracting new customers and retaining the old ones in getting higher sales volume with an increase in repeat purchase rate should be the main aim of the company. Umbrella branding is also called family branding. It involves the use of a single brand name for the sale of two or more related products. Umbrella branding or family branding is used by the company that has positive brand equity.

In family branding or umbrella branding, all the products and services use the same means of identification, and there is a lack of additional brand insert new symbols. The basic idea behind the umbrella branding of family branding is to enhance the marketability of the product and services. It follows the psychological concept that the product or services produced have the same brand name has the same high standards of quality.

Thus, family branding or umbrella branding is derived from who you are, what the organization wants to be, and what people perceive the company to be. The foundation of the brand is the logo in which website packaging and promotional materials are integrated to communicate the brand.

Keys to Family Branding or Umbrella Branding

Therefore, one should answer the following questions related to building a family branding or umbrella brand:

  • What is the company’s mission?
  • What are the benefits derived and the features of the products and services?
  • What do the customers and prospective customers think about the company?
  • What qualities does the company want the customers to associate with its products and services?

Thus, working on family branding or umbrella branding building techniques, one should do the research, learn the needs and habits of the current and prospective customers.

Family Branding Examples

Thus, when a group of products given the same brand name, it is a case of umbrella brands. Umbrella brands do not mean that the product mix of the company should be under a single brand name; it may resort to different branding approaches for the different product lines.

  • In India, Amul is a family branding example of umbrella brands. Amul, as family branding examples, is the common umbrella brand name of the company dealing in butter ghee and chocolates.
  • Videocon is another family branding example in the context of umbrella branding.
  • In umbrella brands, Godrej is yet another family branding examples. There are several products and several product lines of the company that goes under Godrej umbrella brands as family branding examples. Under umbrella brands, Godrej products include locks, office furniture, typewriters, refrigerators, hair conditioners, etc. Also, Godrej umbrella branding deals in soaps and detergents.
  • Another family branding examples of umbrella brands example is Johnson. Johnson and Johnson, as family branding examples, sells baby care products under umbrella branding name Johnson baby powder, Johnson baby soap, Johnson baby shampoo, etc.
  • Another of the family branding examples are Apple. Apple is the ideal family branding examples. Under Apple’s family branding examples, one can find the iPhone, iPad, Mac Air, Apple Watch, etc. The original brand of the company, Apple, has been the Mac computers. Therefore family branding examples of Apple divides further into iPad, iPhone, and others to cover all other products within the umbrella.

Benefits of Umbrella Branding

It is convenient to adopt umbrella brands or family branding for related products.

  • Promotion of such umbrella brands or family branding examples already discussed, becomes easier and less expensive under umbrella brands or family branding.
  • Umbrella brands or umbrella branding helps in forming a uniform image of the products under single umbrella brands. Also, it helps in building an image in the customers of the same standard of quality under the same umbrella brands.
  • It is convenient to adopt family branding or umbrella brands for related products.
  • The promotion of products under umbrella brands becomes easier and less expensive. The only thing that the marketer should offer is the same standards of quality under the family brand or umbrella brands. Thus, family branding helps in stretching the advertising budget over several products. Johnson and Johnson serving a wide range of products and Medicare segments can get all the products covered under a single add.
  • Ready recognition and market setup retailers also find it easier to push new products under umbrella brands than a new brand.
  • Under family branding, the new product launch becomes cheap and easier.

Disadvantages of Family Branding

  • Any organization is unable to provide the same quality to all its products, therefore, leading to chances of quality fluctuation. At times and organization focuses more on one product and neglects other products.
  • Family branding is useful for those products which have some logical connection with each other—like Starbucks started promoting snacks that are beverage and coffee-related.
  • If a single product has a bad reputation, it will affect other products that are within the same family branding. This can lead to the reduction of the purchase of the brand.
  • Family branding may not succeed in a niche market where specialization is needed. As fragmented markets represent its own unique needs and buyer preference, therefore umbrella brander may find it difficult to cater to such unique needs in such fragmented markets.
  • Umbrella brands are difficult to stretch vertically. Vertical extensions can damage the core brand image, whereas horizontal extension can be less harmful.

Why is Branding Important?

Why is Branding Important_

The primary aim of branding is to get recognition and becomes known to the customers. Therefore here are some of the points that give an idea of why branding is essential.

  • Increases business value: Branding helps in increasing the business value. It helps in generating future business and strongly establishing the brand that can be profitable in the years to come. It generates more appealing investment opportunities as it firmly establishes its place in the marketplace.
  • Generates New Customers: A strong brand creates a positive impression of the company in the mind of the customers. A well-reputed brand is likely to do business based on the familiarity and the brand image. Once a brand has been well established and have a positive brand image, word of mouth does half of it.
  • Improves Employees Pride and Satisfaction: When an employee works for a well-established organization, it’s likely the employees are more satisfied in their jobs and have a higher degree of pride.
  • Creates trust: A well-established brand creates trust in the marketplace and with customers as well. People are more likely to be in business with an organization that has a well-reputed brand.

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