Geektyper_ A Hacking Simulator

Geektyper: A Hacking Simulator

If one is fascinated by hacking, geektyper serves the purpose. Hacking means gaining unauthorized access into another computer system or group of systems. Hacking is done by cracking of the passwords and the codes which are encoded to access the systems. Therefore cracking means specifying the method by which passwords or codes are obtained. Hackers use the skills for a specific goal like stealing money, gaining fame by bringing down a computer system, or corrupting it. Most often, hacking intends to commit some fraud or cause some financial harm to two-person or an entity. It is a form of Internet crime that is cybercrime, which is punishable by law. However, there is also ethical hacking.

 If one wants to look like playing the role of a hacker, geek typer is there to act like a hacker. Geektyper is a hacking simulator. Geek typer is a perfect hacking stimulator antique typer to prank friends who do not understand how hacking works in real situations. Geektyper is like straight out from the home movie. Geektyper presents different styles like matrix, Fsociety Minecraft, and many more. Geektyper is a software that helps in acting like one is hacking a top-secret government facility.

Geektyper program uses the program in full-screen mode. Geek typer program in full-screen mode hides the browser frame and make it even more real like. Geektyper program is used to prank someone. Geektyper makes people believe that one is a real hacker. Geektyper was inspired by various media where hacking is usually portrayed incorrectly. While working on geek typer, one simply randomly types on your keyboard, and numerous quotes will be simulated on the screen. Thus, geektyper makes the experience more real.

Geektyper Features

Geektyper application is free to use application. Geektyper allows a person to hack like a programmer from videos and games. The hacking is not real in geek typer.  Geektyper does not store all the things. The things typed on geek typer are not stored anywhere in the system when using geektyper. The preferences are stored in the browser’s cache memory. Therefore geek typer presents a virtual simulation of hacking, which isn’t real.

In geektyper, by just randomly clicking keys and the terminal, it unfolds with random hacking text, which makes others think that one is a great hacker. Another option in geektyper is to play hacking games. Geektyper is not that realistic as geek typer is not actual hacking software. Even though, geek typer lets one taste the feeling of super hackers to its fullest within limited constraints. Geektyper makes one feel that one is like an expert in the IT society and in the IT discipline.

How to Work on Geektyper

Geektyper gives a feel of coding like one is hacking like a programmer in movies and games. Geektyper is inspired by various media where hacking is portrayed as unethical.

How to Work on Geektyper

  • Pressing TAB helps display hotkeys that activate different effects in geek typer. Even though the hacking in geektyper is not real but the simulator makes the hacking look like real in geek typer to people.
  • By start typing random text, geek typer starts to stimulate that one is hacking a system in geek typer.
  • Geektyper starts within an empty window like the desktop interface.
  • In the desktop interface of geektyper, there are icons on the right, a taskbar, and the Start menu.
  • The geektyper also has a useful how to use the information tab. By clicking anywhere outside the start menu, geektyper will minimize the welcome text and make the website in full-screen mode. One can also manually toggle the full-screen mode in geektyper.
  • The welcome message in the geek typer will help to automate the hacking. Pressing the red automate button aids in opening the program and animate the typing.
  • In geektyper, cursor line blinks in the top left corner off the screen when one closes the welcome screen.
  • After this, one can start pressing random buttons on the keyboard, and the hacker code will be automatically added on the screen in the geektyper.

Thus, the geek typer program is to prank someone and to make them believe that one is a real hacker. The site works well on the mobile device, but the geek typer will have the best user experience on a desktop computer.

Hacker Program

The icons on the right screen in the geek typer work like regular operating system Windows. One can minimize them to the taskbar and make them full screen or close them. Most of them are resizable. Some of the icons are

Bitcoin miner: As cryptocurrencies are popular these days, especially Bitcoin. People use advanced software to mine it. The online Bitcoin Miner software in geektyper helps in creating the illusion that one is in the process of mining valuable bitcoins. By starting with Bitcoin, the screen on geek typer will show that the wallet is continuously growing as one is running the program. The program has a start button, which, once clicked, will show the wallet continuously automatically . In geek typer, the user can interact with the program once it is started.

Password cracker: It stimulates a force attack on the server. In this geektyper function, the cracker will try to guess a password through an animated sequence.

Headquarter surveillance: When activating this icon geektyper, a webcam shows as a bank is being robbed by gunmen. It is just a looping video that can be paused by clicking on the screen.

Nuclear power plant controller: It shows randomly changing levels and values. In this, one can interact with the screen.

Remote server connection: This program shows two windows the console and the remote server. Typing on the keyboard randomly as the console input cursor is blinking. It will, therefore, enter commands, and the server will act accordingly. It will trigger Windows, and some commands like Access denied alert for password cracker pops up.

Alerts: Opening a lot of Windows on the screen of the geektyper. These Windows are passive, and one can interact with them. One can move them around by dragging them with the mouse or close them with the close tab on the top coroners.

Some icons in the greek typer work


Greentext is a popular device used for quotations and storytelling. Greentext started on the chan imageboards. In greentext, quoting a text > sign is placed in front of it to make it green. Greentext is a method used to quote something and to draw attention to those words. It is done by using the >  character before the text. It is also great for indicating what the poster is implying. The greentext effect can also be done manually. Greentext is frequently used for summary criticism and ridicule. Greentext is also used in storytelling in which lengthy story is told in fragmented statements in green text.

Greentext became popular for these functions, and because of its convenience. As in creating the post, it is easier to summarise than to write it in a lengthy manner. This is what greentext serves the purpose of. Stringing together sentence fragments when telling a story makes it easier and lighter in reading. The green text feature has become so widespread that it is also used outside the image boards.

How to Write in Greentext

Thus, simply type a > before the text. As > sign is put before the text, it appears as green. Typing the forward arrow key before each line and do not leave a space between it and the first line of the word, is a key to green text. To use greentext, what one needs to do is to make a 4chan greentext story. Although there is more to consider than just the color of the text in the context of greentext.

Origin of Greentext

With the 4chan’s lacking in a built-in archival system, the introduction of greentext stories is still unknown. Previously archive threads indicated that the greentext threads started to appear in early 2010. The earliest of the greentext stories shared various awkward moments and anecdotes.

4 chan is an English language imageboard website. It was launched by Christopher Poole in October 2003. The site is dedicated to a number of topics ranging from music, literature, fitness sports, and politics etc. The site is broken up into threads in which users can discuss different topics. There is no need to make an account, and therefore one can do virtually anything they want with the most remote threat of accountability. The vast majority who use this website are young college-educated men having an interest in culture comics and technology.

Therefore, greentext stories are anecdotes that are written in concise, short sentences and are often shared in the imageboard of 4chan, with the use of greentext code. Greentext stories differ from implying greentext comments. These are used to mock other users’ statements or challenge the validity of the arguments.

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