Harley Davidson Case Study

Harley Davidson case study

Harley Davidson : A New Insight

Founded by Williams Harley and Arthur Davidson in 1903, Harley Davidson is one of the most renowned companies in the motorcycle market. Harley Davidson case study offers company details and its performance by analyzing Harley Davidson history and Harley Davidson mission statement. Looking from the history of Harley Davidson, it can be said that the company has experienced various ups and downs throughout its product life cycle.

While Harley Davidson history suggests that the company has already witnessed growth and downfall both in its operating market, this Harley Davidson case study will shed light on the Harley Davidson mission statement and history of Harley Davidson. Even though there are numerous companies competing in the two-wheeler market, the history of Harley Davidson case study shows that the company has made its unique brand image and loyalty of consumers towards the vehicles from the company is among the highest.

From Harley Davidson history, it can be seen and understood that the company has faced intense competition from its competitors on a global scale. Harley Davidson case study and history of Harley Davidson show that the company faced challenges from the onslaught of motorcycles from rival Japanese companies such as Honda and various other companies that were cheaper in comparison to Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson history suggests that the company is widely known for its heavyweight motorcycles and choppers. From the history of Harley Davidson, it is visible that the company has been operating and manufacturing its motorcycles in the United States. However, in order to remain competitive and justify Harley Davidson mission statement, the company has started opening its manufacturing plants outside of the US so that it can have a strong grip on the outside markets.

Harley Davidson mission statement

The primary thing for the success of a company is its vision and mission statement. Harley Davidson mission statement’s understanding is necessary in order to understand the company’s success. Harley Davidson mission statement is: “We fulfill dreams through the experiences of motorcycling, by providing to motorcyclists and to the general public an expanding line of motorcycles and branded products and services in selected market segments.”

Harley Davidson case study

Looking from a common reader’s perspective, at first glance, Harley Davidson mission statement seems that the company offers “motorcycle to the motorcyclists”. However, a close inspection of the Harley Davidson mission statement discloses that they provide something to common public and motorcyclists. Other things that are in focus in Harley Davidson mission statement are where it says to “fulfill dreams”, which means that for a motorcyclist and a common person, both can have the same dream.

History of Harley Davidson

There is no single Harley Davidson case study where one can gain insights and all of the necessary information regarding the company. However, which Harley Davidson case study is able to offer more necessary information is what one should identify before settling on any single Harley Davidson case study. Several scholars have studied the company, Harley Davidson history along with Harley Davidson mission statement to understand the past, present and future of the company.

When it comes to Harley Davidson history, not every Harley Davidson case study focuses on it. However, to understand the core details of any element, it is important first to understand its past. It is always necessary to identify the roots from where one belongs and has come from. Harley Davidson has made its roots deep in American motorcycle history. A person owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle will relate themselves to enthusiasm and pride. One thing that is most important in Harley Davidson case study is that the company has witnessed both the world wars.

The history of Harley Davidson comprises several ups and downs, and it can easily be said that the past 100 years or more were a smooth ride for the company. While the company has witnessed two world wars and still survived the catastrophe, one of the tough times in Harley Davidson history was when the company has to face a financial crisis. During the financial crisis, the company has to restructure itself in order to remain in the market and sustain its operations. Survival is easy to identify in the core ideas of the company and the history of Harley Davidson.

While Harley Davidson history shows that it has to face various challenges of the past, the history of Harley Davidson of recent times shows that the company has to face now modern challenges due to ease of use and accessibility of the motorcycles. During the world wars, the company was able to develop its brand image of freedom, which is still the same as it was in the past. Harley Davidson manufactured bikes for the military during both the world wars. Harley Davidson history shows that this participation allowed the company’s motorcycles to earn a reputation for attitude and performance.

One of the unique aspects that one can witness from Harley Davidson history is that people buying Harley Davidson formed a community which at present has become vast. These people gather with their Harley Davidson motorcycles thus ending the gathering season in Sturgis, South Dakota. Over the years, the company has witnessed several changes both internally as well as externally; however, the company has managed to keep headquarter in the same place throughout its lifetime, which is in Milwaukee.

The history of Harley Davidson might show that the company was dwindling during the financial crisis and has to face tough competition from its Japanese counterparts in motorcycle industry, but over the years, it has managed to make a comeback using different strategies that have sometimes worked for the company and sometimes not. At present due to the changing market and increasing demand for electric vehicles and reducing demand for the gas-operated vehicle, Harley Davidson is again facing a challenge for its sustainability. However, the company will be launching its all-electric bikes in order to remain competitive and gain consumer loyalty as well.

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