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A Guide to Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay is a form of advanced writing. The word synthesis means putting ideas from many sources together in an essay. The synthesis essay includes a perspective that is unique about a given central idea or theme. An ideal synthesis essay example is that in which the writer chooses a topic after framing a synthesis essay outline. The writer then asserts a claim and uses the information acquired from the different sources.

Thus, in the context of how to write a synthesis essay, it does not present a summary, rather, it is a result of the integration of what the writer has heard or read. This helps in learning, developing, and supporting the critical thesis of the argument. Learning how to write a synthesis essay is a crucial and critical skill in presenting and organizing the information in an academic and non- academic setting. There are two types of synthesis which are as follows, in the context of how to write a synthesis essay:

Explanatory Synthesis: An ideal synthesis essay example of an explanatory synthesis essay assists the readers in understanding a topic. In the context of how to write a synthesis essay, the writer divides the subjects into its components parts and presents them in an orderly manner. Synthesis essay example of explanatory essay encapsulates descriptions in terms of some object, sequence of events, or state of affairs. A supreme synthesis essay example is that it does not argue a particular point; rather, it presents the facts in a rational manner. It does not usually cross the boundaries beyond what is obvious.

Argument Synthesis: Argument synthesis essay outline focuses on presenting own point of view supported by the relevant facts which are gathered from various sources and are presented in a logical manner. The thesis of the argument synthesis essay is debatable as the writers working on the same source material can convince or support a different thesis.

synthesis essay and types

An ideal synthesis essay example should follow a specific process in connection with how to write a synthesis essay. The process of writing an ideal synthesis essay example has three components, which are as follows:

  • Synthesizing sources
  • Composing a thesis or a claim
  • Formatting synthesis essay

Synthesizing Sources

One must follow the pre-writing steps, in the context of how to write a synthesis essay:

Understanding the prompt: Understanding the prompt refers to understanding the nature of the topic and gathering information to support the ideas for creating a base for the synthesis essay outline.

Drafting a thesis: The next step in how to write a synthesis essay is to draft a thesis statement that sets an ideal synthesis essay example. A draft of the thesis statement is the first idea that the writer focuses on in connection with how to write a synthesis essay.

Choosing sources: After drafting the thesis statement, the writer should begin the process of choosing sources. To support the viewpoint of the thesis statement, primary research needs to be conducted based on the thesis stated.

Close reading: Close reading includes the process of noting, highlighting, or taking note that will help in summarizing the main idea, and connect it to the claim.

Evaluating sources: The sources ultimately helps to construct the idea and also helps to create a synthesis essay outline.

 Framing a Final Thesis 

Once the pre-writing stages are completed, a final thesis statement can be framed. Therefore, a thesis statement is a one-sentence claim that states what, how, and why one will write about the synthesis essay. An ideal synthesis essay example thesis is formed by aligning the information, the main idea, and the interpretation of the information that is obtained from the different sources.

 Formatting the Synthesis Essay

Like all other essays, the synthesis essay outline contains an introductory paragraph, a body structure, and a concluding paragraph. A perfect and impressive synthesis essay example should have a robust synthesis essay outline. A perfect synthesis essay example includes an overview of the topic, a thesis statement. Each paragraph should focus on a particular idea with supporting statements and facts and an impactful conclusion, to grab the attention of the audience.

Developing Synthesis Essay Techniques

Summary: The easiest way of how to write a synthesis essay is to summarize the most relevant sources from the most important one to the least important one. One element of the synthesis essay is that it reveals a little or no independent thought on the writer’s part. An ideal synthesis essay example has all the relevant and specific evidence. A summary can be useful in writing selectively and judiciously. Getting an insight into what the audience wants to know and accordingly try to frame the synthesis essay outline is a perfect synthesis essay example.

Example and illustration: Supporting the synthesis essay with examples and illustrations from the source material in support of the statements. It helps in making a synthesis essay outline even more valid and impactful.

Two or more reasons: To make a synthesis essay outline structure or an ideal synthesis essay example, one needs to have two or more than two reasons approach. It is an effective method of development, in light of how to write a synthesis essay. Stating the thesis and offer reasons for the same help in creating an impactful image in the mind of the audience.

Strawman technique: A strawman technique can be used to present arguments against the thesis statement and immediately present that the argument presented is weak. The advantage of this technique is that it also presents the awareness of the writer on the other side of the argument. The technique presents an introduction and a thesis statement, a main opposing argument, a refutation of opposing argument, and lastly, a positive argument.

Concession: This technique presents the opposing view as in case of strawman technique, but does not proceed to demolish the opposing argument. Even though it acknowledges that the opposition argument has a valid point, but the positive argument is a stronger one. This is the best synthesis essay example technique when the writer believes that the readers hold a robust opposing view.

Comparison and contrast: A synthesis essay outline based on comparison and contrast, enables the writer to examine two subjects in terms of one another. Comparing considers similarities and contrast considers differences. Comparing and contrasting aids in performing a multifaceted analysis that helps in getting an insight into all the aspects. Analysis and a careful understanding of the sources should be done.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay

  • Against the background of how to write a synthesis essay, the purpose of the writing should be considered. Considering the purpose, one should acknowledge what one is trying to accomplish, and this purpose shapes the way to approach the sources and structuring synthesis essay outline.
  • Selecting and carefully reading the sources helps in developing an ideal synthesis essay example. Identifying the parts of the sources that help the writer in fulfilling the purpose. Re-reading and mentally summarizing the main ideas, key terms, and important details that need to be used in the synthesis essay should be taken care of.
  • Formulating a thesis is an important aspect in the light of how to write a synthesis essay. It should express a complete sentence and include statements and the assertion of the topic.
  • Deciding on how to source material that fulfills the purpose of writing a synthesis essay on a particular topic. Writing down all the information from the sources will help in developing and supporting a robust thesis statement.
  • Developing a synthesis essay outline that will help in presenting the material from the most important to the least important. It will also help in indicating the relationship among all the sources.
  • Writing the first draft within the synthesis essay outline structure. Flexibility, incorporation of the new ideas, and re-reading to ensure that the thesis statement is going in the same direction in accordance with the purpose of the essay.
  • Documenting the source by offering citations and references can be included when writing an academic essay. A bibliography should also be included at the end of the academic essay.
  • Revising the synthesis essay. Inserting of the transitional words and the phrase where the writer feels necessary.
  • Integrating al the sources effectively to get the essence of the essay across the readers. When focusing on how to write a synthesis essay, it should be made sure that the essay reads smoothly, logically, and clearly from the very beginning to the end.

Synthesis Essay Outline

Before working on how to write a synthesis essay it always necessary to have an outline of the essay. An ideal synthesis essay  example consists of three parts of the synthesis essay outline.

Synthesis Essay Outline

The Introduction

The introductory part should have a hook, which helps in elicit readers’ interest. It should be such which engages the readers. Also, a thesis statement should be there, which gives an overall idea of the synthesis essay.

The Body

The body should consist of two to three paragraphs, each having a topic sentence that supports the thesis statement. They should be backed by the relevant facts and the supporting statements. Also, using sources to support the claims makes the essay more impactful.

The Conclusion

The conclusion should state the importance of the topic. The reiteration of the thesis statement is also presented in the concluding paragraph. Thus, a conclusion summarizes all the essential information that has been resented in the essay. Closing lines of the concluding paragraph should be striking so as to capture the reader’s attention.

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