Tesla case analysis

Tesla analysis

Tesla case analysis provides us a high level of information about the company and its businesses. Tesla incorporation is an US based automobile company. Tesla has been engaged in designing, manufacturing and selling a wide range of cars and other kinds of vehicles. Tesla case analysis is a broad topic of study which provides the readers with the comprehensive knowledge and insight about one of the biggest car manufactures in the world. Tesla case analysis reveals that the company is one of the leading electric car manufacturing firms in the world.

As per the Tesla case analysis, the company is specialised designing, and manufacturing electric vehicles. The company makes use of solar city subsidiary and solar panel plant to manufacture electric cars. As per the Tesla case analysis, the company operates several assembly and production plants like Gigafactory. The company produces its cars in the facilities provided inn Tesla Factory. The main car models designed and manufactured by Model X, Model S & Model 3 vehicles. Tesla case analysis reveals that the company is also engaged in selling megapack, powerpack, and powerwall batteries.

The company was established in the year 2003. The company has highly been focused on its research and development function since its foundation. Tesla case analysis suggests that the company is aimed to offer electric cars at affordable price structure. With its engagement in the manufacturing of electric cars, the company has been able to nurture a good brand image among the general population. In addition to this, Tesla case analysis is useful for students studying automobile and mechanical engineering in universities and colleges from all over the world.

In the context of corporate social responsibility also, Tesla case analysis is one of the best topics of discussion as the company is making a huge contribution towards the welfare and sustainability of environment. In many aspects, reading Tesla case analysis is a worth to spend time.

Marketing plan of Tesla

Tesla marketing plan is defined the analysis of the marketing strategy of the Tesla. Tesla marketing plan also involves identifying and assessing what are the main marketing objectives and goals of the company. As per the Tesla marketing plan, the company is aimed generate the demand for electric vehicles in the market. In Tesla marketing plan, the company is intended to drive leads to its sales team.

The main activity or task of the company in Tesla marketing plan is to spread the awareness of usage electric cars. Firstly, under Tesla marketing plan, the company will make people aware of potential benefits of using electric vehicles instead of using traditional petrol engine vehicles. With this Tesla marketing plan, the marketing team of the company will be able to generate the demand for the electric cars and other vehicles in the market.

Tesla marketing plan also reveals that the company is aimed to develop long term or futuristic brand awareness of the company.  Tesla is the first and only company in the automobile sector which is growing rapidly in the electric vehicle market segment. By implementing Tesla marketing plan, the senior management team of the company is intended to enhance the brand popularity and awareness of the company among general population.

The company also wants to manage its presently existing customers’ base in order to develop loyalty & customer referral. Tesla marketing plan is all about discussing main marketing strategies and plan developed by the company to expand its reach and provide customers with a wide range of unique, new and innovative vehicles.

In Tesla marketing plan or strategy, the top management people of the company have decided to consider the input of its customer in its product development process. It suggests that Tesla marketing plan is influenced by the corporate social responsibility of the company.  Initially, the company will target upper and upper middle class people to sell its vehicles. Sports car lovers and luxury car lovers are the main target population of the company. With the advent of time, the company will increase its scope of selling electric cars and will target middle income class individual to buy its cars and other vehicles.

Tesla swot analysis

Conducting Tesla swot analysis is one of the most interesting and useful assignments for business professionals from all across the world. Tesla swot analysis has also been a topic of interest for students studying business and management and competitors in the market. Tesla swot analysis is essential as it provides significant details about the weaknesses and strengths of the company. Tesla swot analysis is also used to identify and assess the opportunities available in the market for the company.

Tesla swot analysis starts with its strengths. Strong brand of the company that significantly supports the business expansion and a robust research & development function are the main strengths of the company.  As per Tesla swot analysis, the company has a solid control over its manufacturing, and designing processes which is its strength.

In the context of weaknesses of the company, Tesla swot analysis reveals that the company has a limited market presence and limited distribution network which restrict the company to grow its business in more geographical areas. High price of vehicles is also one of the weaknesses of the company revealed and analysed in Tesla swot analysis.

Since people have become highly concerned about environment issues such as air quality, global warming and pollution,  the demand for electric vehicles is getting increased which offers a huge opportunity for the company to expand and grow its business rapidly. Tesla swot analysis suggests that the company can develop a trend of use of eco-friendly vehicles on streets. As per Tesla swot analysis, the company can merge several other firms engaged in designing and manufacturing eco-friendly products in order have more number of options while manufacturing environment friendly cars and vehicles.

Like every other sector, Tesla swot analysis also reveals that other major players in the automobile sector are designing and manufacturing innovative and luxurious vehicles which are making the automobile sector highly competitive.

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