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Why is Corona Creating More Issues in Italy?

Why is Corona Creating More Issues in Italy

Corona Virus in Italy

Ongoing worldwide pandemic or coronavirus disease 2019, caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus, was first confirmed to have spread in Italy on 31 January 2020. At present, Italy has reported 683 new deaths, dated 26 March 2020, in the coronavirus pandemic bringing a total of 7503. Developing a sense of gloom in the country, Italy has become the deadliest center of the epidemic.

Despite severe measures including the lockdown and the shutdown of all the essential business, Italy has been unable to flatten the curve- slowing of the spread of the virus. Some of the reasons for the spread of COVID-19 at an increasing rate in Italy are as follows:

  • Social Contract Matrix: COVID-19 can infect people of all ages, especially the older adults, whose immune system has declined with age and are more vulnerable to become severely ill after contracting the virus. Twenty-three percent of Italy’s population is above 65 years, with the second oldest population after Japan. Thus, this is one of the reasons that the age distribution has played a role in raising the fatality rate.

Maintain Physical Distancing

Also, older adults in Italy do not live isolated and have a much more intense interaction with their children and other younger population. This has also led to the widespread pandemic and an increase in the fatality rate.

  • The late decision on introducing the shutdown has been another reason for the spread of the disease in Italy. Even after the confirmed cases of the people suffering from the virus, the decision of the shutdown was taken too late.
  • Due to Italy’s extensive healthcare system, elderly people with numerous illnesses are able to live longer. Therefore, 48 percent of the fatalities had an average of three pre-existing illnesses.
  • Another reason has been the frequent travel between the cities and the family. Young people working and socializing interacting in a large crowd, have also led to widespread of the disease. Without having a clue that they are infecting the elders and others, members in the family have also been one of the reasons for the widespread of the disease.
  • Forever unprepared: The difference between the other countries and Italy is the timing. While many countries adopted strict measures, Italy resisted taking the same drastic step and worrying more about the economic effects on such moves.
  • Even after the Italian government implemented the universal lockdown to defeat the virus, the government has failed to communicate the threat powerfully enough to persuade the Italians to follow and abide by the rules.
  • As also been reported that the underfunding of the Italian Health service also led to making the crisis worse.
  • A misconception that it will not happen in Italy. Italy’s culture and tourism minister hosted a Chinese delegation for a concert to inaugurate the year of Italy-China culture and tourism.
  • Carelessness: Even after a 38-year-old man with severe flu symptoms, he was declined to be hospitalized and was sent back home.
  • Even with full lockdown, people continued to be on the streets. Pictures of people enjoying drinks, packed ski resorts, and free cultural events surfaced all over the Internet.

Thus, these were some reasons that led to the outbreak so severely in Italy.

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