Why is Corona so Lethal?

Why is Corona so Lethal

Corona so Lethal

The scientists are in the process of understanding the COVID-19 disease that is now a fast-growing infection around the globe and has become a global pandemic. The number of confirmed cases has exceeded 200,000 worldwide. Coronavirus has passed its peak in Italy, and the cases are doubling and tripling in the western countries. The experts and the doctors fear the respiratory illness that has to be believed to have started from Wuhan.  Some of the symptoms of COVID-19 resemble the flu. The symptom like fever and cough are quite similar to the regular flu. However, the virus is worse for the destruction that it may cause, not only in human lives but to society as a whole.

 Before January 2020, the virus was not known to science. It is just getting started, and still, there is a lot of uncertainty over COVID-19. The consequences of how it will payout, and what we know about the virus so far have become a threat to take extremely seriously. The virus attacks the lungs and progresses in individual phases. The pattern is the lungs get filled with mucus, and makes it harder and harder to breathe.

  • While the exact fatalities around the globe are still unclear, the pieces of evidence so far show that the infection has killed a larger proportion of the people that the normal flu, and has particularly become lethal for the elderly above the age of 80.
  • Also, the virus has become so lethal as the vaccinations or the medicines to cure the coronavirus has not been made. There are no medicines and vaccines to combat COVID-19.
  • The worst of it has been said by Sober-minded epidemiologists to have said that 20 to 60 percent of the adults in the world population could end up by catching the COVID-19.
  • Also, the virus takes around 14 days for the symptoms to get visible. It behaves differently than normal flu. It takes 14 days in a person with COVID -19 to develop the symptoms, and for the normal flu, it takes only two days. This potentially gives people more time to spread the virus before one knows that the person is sick.
  • Another reason why the coronavirus has become so lethal is because of the overrun influx of the patients. Healthcare providers are worried about the facilities and also about the ration lifesaving medical supplies. Hospitals and doctors are struggling in their preparation for this virus. Even in a country like Italy, which has the second world’s best healthcare service has been facing severe tribulations with the outbreak of the disease, thereby causing a large number of deaths in the country.
  • The infection is believed to have made a shift from the animals to humans after the mutation. Therefore, no human immune system had seen it before, and so no human had any natural immunity to the infection. This makes the coronavirus more deadly than the flu. It has therefore become much more contagious than the regular flu.
  • The threat of the coronavirus has led to the lockdown and curfews in many countries worldwide. Also, it has caused a massive outbreak that has devastated the health systems around the world. Thus, this has led to the shake of the stock markets and will probably lead to a recession in the forthcoming time. This may lead to serious negative repercussions in the near coming time.
  • It is also possible that the coronavirus may become an epidemic, which may attack the human beings intermittently. It may not go away until there is a treatment or a vaccine to fight the virus.
  • As the coronavirus is transmitted much more easily at an increasing rate between the humans has also resulted in the virus to be as one of the lethal infection till date. The most likely to catch the infection is through physical contact. This has also led to an increase in the number of people suffering from the virus as it is easily transmissible between the people and has led to a pandemic.

strategies and guidelines to prevent and eliminate the infection

In the context of the lethal effects of the coronavirus, there are some strategies and guidelines to prevent and eliminate the infection, which is as follows:

  • Encouraging individual behavior change: Hand washing and sanitizing the hands at regular intervals. Also, disinfecting the objects that are being touched frequently.
  • Stay home if sick: To avoid oneself and to save others from the contraction of the virus, it should also be taken care of that if one is unwell, the person should stay at home and avoid going out.
  • Social distancing: Encouraging home working, discouraging people gatherings, school closures, Travel restrictions, online medical consultation. Social distancing is the most effective way to break the chain of COVID-19
  • Environmental hygiene: Disinfecting and cleaning public surfaces at regular intervals, ensuring good funeral practices, disposing of the wastes away from the areas where people reside.
  • Building medial capacity: Storing of protective equipment and drugs, preventing non-essential visits, developing effective medicines and vaccines.
  • Practicing respiratory hygiene: Ensuring to follow good respiratory hygiene and covering the mouth and the nose with a bent elbow or a tissue when one coughs or sneezes. Dispose off the tissue immediately into a closed dustbin. By following good respiratory hygiene will help in protecting the virus-like COVID-19.
  • Seek Medical care early: If one is suffering from fever, cough, and having difficulty breathing, one should immediately seek medical attention. One should call in advance and should follow the directions of the local health care authority. Calling in advance will help in protecting oneself and others to prevent the spread of the virus and other infections.
  • Stay Informed and follow guidelines: To stay away from false news and the latest developments of COVID 19, one should stay informed. Following advice by the health care providers and health care authorities, on how to protect and others from COVID- 19, will aid in eradicating the virus to a great extent.

Thus, by seeing the severity of the virus and its consequences, we, as responsible citizens, should do the most we can to protect the spreading of the virus.

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