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Business reports are written document which provides information that helps a business in making informed decisions. When an organization needs to make an informed decision, the company needs to create a business report to guide its leaders. Business reports use facts and figures and research to study data, analyze performance, and also provide recommendations to the company related to its future functioning. The primary purpose of report writing is to present the data that is relevant and important to the company. Business Report writing produces information regarding efficiency, competition procedures, and other strategic key elements of the company.

Business reports make the data readily available to everyone in the company. Business reports produce the data in an easy format that helps the readers to understand it. In the context of how to write a business report, it should have clearly defined sections along with labels and headings. Knowing how to write a report is essential to communicate the ideas across the various fields of the business and the company. Thus, quality report writing addresses critical issues and helps in decision making for the problem concerned. The business report presents the findings related to the key issues and also recommends the measure that the organization needs to take to overcome it.

In the context of how to write a report, the focus is kept on the analysis and interpretation of the findings. An ideal business report format will help the reader to get a clear view of how and what to do based on conclusions drawn and the recommendations given. Writing report does not require any special writing skill but needs sharpening of the older ones that one already possess. While considering how to write a report, the ideas and research need to be more structured in the form of a report. Also, it should be kept in mind that different business report format has its own structures and styles and vary accordingly to the purpose and need of the readers.

Therefore, working on different business report formats, one should always remember to check the requirements for each report before working on it. Moreover, business report writing main aim is to study and analyze data and provide recommendations to the company. The basic business report format always has formal objectives and is heavily researched. In light of how to write a report, the facts presented in the report should be clear and valid regardless of the report focuses on a single situation or talks about the overall performance of the entire organization.

Objectivity is very crucial in a business report or report writing. Considering how to write a report, one should keep in mind not to remain personal, and the report should be framed from the company’s perspective. Business reports are important in modern communication. A number of reports like informal, formal special, or routine written on an everyday basis. Reports on a daily basis can be like formal reports to the manager about the progress of the work, or a manager reports to the general manager and the board of directors to the investors and the shareholders.

Characteristics of Business Report or Report Writing

In the context of how to write a report, they carry information based on facts related to business activities. Some basic characteristics of the business report of report writing are as follows:

Characteristics of Business Report or Report WritingSpecific issue: Every business report writing carries a specific business report format based on particular issues that are specified in the business report writing. Specific report writing is written to fulfill and to provide recommendations to the particular problem.

Pre-specified audience: Report writing or business reports are meant for a specified audience. Usually, business reports or report writing is written for a limited number of audiences based on the need of the audience. Answering the question of how to write a report, it is specified that a business report is prepared for a specific problem and thus is written for a pre-specified audience.

Specified structure or layout: In light of how to write a report, every business report or report writing follows a certain structure or layout. The business report format or the structure of the report is more or less the same but can vary on the type of business report.

Written on events:  Business report format depending on the kind of data to be written. Many reports are written on past events or carry the reasons of the happening incidents. Thus the business report format can also vary depending on the nature of the event.

Neutral in nature: Keeping in mind how to write a report, it should be impartial. No biasness or non-objective material should be included in business reports; otherwise, it will lead to disastrous decisions.

Factual information: Business report or report writing is always written, which is based on factual information. This information is the data collected on specific events or a particular incident.

Joint effort: Business report or report writing is a joint effort of a group of individuals. No person can solely prepare reports. The committee is formed containing a number of members for preparing and furnishing a report of a certain incident.

Orderly presentation: The business report format is presented in an orderly manner so that the audience can get the needed information easily and can get access to it without facing any hassle.

Upward flow: Most of the time, the direction of the report is always upwards. Higher authorities assign duties of preparing reports to their subordinates in a pre-specified business report format, and after preparing the report, subordinates submit it to the higher authority.

Signature and date: It is customary to include the signature of the reporter along with the date in the report. When the business report or business writing is prepared by a committee, the signature of every member of the committee should be included in these business reports.

How to Write a Report

The following are the parts that are included when referring to how to write a report:

  • a covering letter or memorandum
  • a title page
  • an executive summary
  • a table of contents
  • an introduction
  • conclusion
  • recommendation
  • findings and discussion
  • a list of references
  • appendices

How to Write a ReportA Covering Letter:

A covering letter is prepared for the audience who are not a part of the business. In the case of the internal audience of the business, a memo is prepared. The letter/memo is prepared for understanding the purpose and the scope of the business report. The business report format covering letter includes the person for whom the report was made and the date it was given on. It also gives a chance to acknowledge the help received in writing the business report and also indicate the future actions that need to be taken.

 A Title Page: 

The title page mentions the topic of the business report. It is specific yet descriptive and presents a clear concept of the report content. The title page in the business report format includes the author’s name, the name of the audience, and the date the report was completed or the submission date.

An Executive Summary:

In connection to how to write a report, it also includes an executive summary that helps the readers to quickly get an idea about the research purpose, the conclusion, and the key recommendation that is provided by the author. An executive summary can be 50 – 100 words. However, it should not exceed more than one page. It provides just not only the summary but also the key recommendations and the conclusion.

A Table of Contents:

This page focuses on how the report is organized and helps the readers to get access to the information chronologically. It includes various heading along with subheading and is given numbers. The list of the figures and list of tables may vary in business report format depending on the course requirement.

An Introduction:

In the context of how to write a report, the introduction sets the stage to the report and directs the audience about the purpose of the report. It also indicates the audience what the report is dealing with. The introduction business report format should include

  • the context in brief
  • the subject matter, in general, describing the problem
  • outlining the extent of the investigation
  • structure of the report


When answering the question of how to write a report, the conclusion part includes a summary of the data that is analyzed, interpreted, and presented in the body. The conclusion should be specific, organized, and should list the key points which do not include any new information.


Recommendations are specific and are action-oriented that assist in solving the problem. Points to be kept in mind while writing recommendations are:

  • making specific suggestions
  • avoiding conditional words
  • describing how they can be implemented
  • arranging the recommendations from most important to least important.

Findings and Discussion:

In connection with how to write a report, it should give enough information, proper analysis, and pieces of evidence to support the outcomes which justify the recommendations. Presenting the findings in the form of the tables helps in a better understanding of the facts and the findings.


In referencing, the list of all the sources of information that one has collected, quoted, or referred should be mentioned.


It includes all the extra information like figures, tables, a questionnaire that helps the readers to understand the data and the information provided in the business report.

Thus, while preparing a business report, such a business report format should be followed that will help in providing information to the audience in a structured and well-formatted manner.

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