Prose_ Free Verse & Blank Verse

Verse definition

Prose: Free Verse & Blank Verse The term free verse definition has arisen from the French word verse libre. Before getting into the sight of the free work, it is essential to know verse definition. The original verse definition was developed in Middle English that means a single line of poem. Therefore, as per the […]

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Prose Definition

Prose Definition

A Guide: Prose Definition In context to what is prose definition, it is a form of language that has no formal structure. Prose meaning relates to just a natural flow of the speech. In context to what is prose definition, it communicates an ordinary grammatical structure rather than a rhythmic flow of the structure, like […]

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Why is Corona so Lethal

Why is Corona so Lethal?

Corona so Lethal The scientists are in the process of understanding the COVID-19 disease that is now a fast-growing infection around the globe and has become a global pandemic. The number of confirmed cases has exceeded 200,000 worldwide. Coronavirus has passed its peak in Italy, and the cases are doubling and tripling in the western […]

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An Overview Family Branding

Family Branding

An Overview: Family Branding Family branding or umbrella branding is a type of brand extension that only involves the marketing of a similar product. Before getting an insight into family branding or umbrella branding, umbrella brand, and family branding examples, it is essential to understand the term brand. Branding helps in identifying a product and […]

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