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Types of Essay

An essay a short piece of writing that is written from a writer’s point of view. An essay consists of a number of elements like literary criticism, arguments, political manifesto, observations of daily lives, reflections of the author, etc. Moreover, a research essay or college essay format includes the presentation of facts that are based upon readings or evidence extracted from several sources. There are normally two kinds of college essay format that is argumentative and analysis format. Argumentative college essay format proves a point while an analytical college essay format informs the reader about the topic. Features of college essay format include:

Types of Essay

  • An interesting topic
  • Description of a particular definition
  • The summary of the research in the conclusion is also included in the college essay format.

Argumentative/ persuasive college essay: Argumentative college essay format function is to prove an author’s opinion about a particular topic or subject. Features of argumentative college essay format are:

  • Well-defined issue is the vital characteristic of argumentative college essay format.
  • Counter argument is the characteristic of argumentative college essay format.
  • Persuasive argument showing the writer’s stance is correct.
  • Argumentative college essay format includes supporting evidence and examples that support the thesis statement.
  • Argumentative college essay format should also include a reasonable and confident tone without any biases.

Analysis college essay: Analysis college essay format presents a critical assessment of a particular behavior concept in an academic way. Analysis college essay format intends to analyze by using a variety of essential skills of thinking and approaches. Some of the features of analysis colleges essay format are:

  • Analysis college essay format includes a strong thesis statement on which the writer analyzes.
  • Analysis college essay format includes types and details that support the arguments and the author’s point of view.
  • Analysis college essay format also include critical evaluation of the information
  • Analysis college essay format also includes a thesis statement that is reiterated differently in conclusion.

Compare and contrast: Such types of essays are informative because they throw light on a subject in one or two ways. The first way is that it identifies likeness between the two ideas or identifies the difference between the two approaches. Thus, there are two methods of writing such types of essays that includes:

In method one of such essays, one can write all the information related to the first subject and then goes on to write about the points of another subject of comparison.

The second method of such types of essays discusses the similar aspect of one subject and then discusses the difference of the same subject in the next sections.

Descriptive essay: Such types of essays consist of just descriptions. Such types of essays generally discuss the qualities of the subject like person, place, or object and focus on sensory details like sound, taste, sight, touch, and smell. A descriptive essay is one of the simplest one where one selects the topic and describe every aspect in details. Feature of search types of essay includes:

  • Specific subject
  • Along with particular subject, it focuses on descriptive details
  • A clear pattern of the organization
  • Use of adverbs and adjectives that helps in describing the subject is also used in such types of essay.

Evaluation Essay: In our daily lives, we continually evaluate, make judgments, and form opinions. Therefore such types of essays seek the readers to analyze their values and except the views of the writer. These types of essays are used in book and movie reviews or can be used in describing a work process. Some features of such types of essays are:

  • Describing the subject adequately that conveys the qualities of the subject
  • An argument based on reasonable criteria.
  • A clear pattern of organization.

Narrative essay: Such types of essays generally focuses on the complete experience that the writers have faced in reality. Such types of essays also describe how a particular element changed the major part of the writer’s life and how the writer reacts to the event. It is a short piece of writing that describes the real-life story by using many different details. A narrative essay can be written into several subtypes like dramatic, any total experiment, but should not be nonfictional. In such cases, the writer focuses on the important details and consolidates them to build a storyline. Features of search types of essays include

  • An introduction that indicates the events of personal experience or observation.
  • Such type of essays also includes personal stories with a major amount of detail.
  • Such types of essays are generally written in the first person.
  • Such types of essays help the readers to visualize a story or event.
  • Such types of essays reflect the unique writing style as such types of essays is personalized.

Expository essay: Expository essay focuses on presenting the views of others.  It is called a research essay. This type of essay on more complicated as the writer has to thoroughly research the topic and gather information from various sources to present an incredible essay. It is an opinion based essay. Such types of essays present the subject in a detailed manner apart from argument criticism or development. The features of such type of essays are:

  • A clear, concise, and well-defined thesis statement that is presented in the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.
  • It should also contain a smooth transition between the paragraphs.
  • The body paragraph should also include evident support and fats in the context of the arguments presented.
  • Concluding paragraph with a reiteration of the thesis statement and also highlighting the main points presented in support of it.

Classification essays: Such types of essays arrange a topic into categories. The aim of such types of essays is to categorize things down so that they can be further investigated separately. Some of the features of such kinds of essays are:

  • Subdivision into a section with detailed information.
  • The transition between the paragraphs in such types of essays should be consistent
  • Every category in such types of essays must be exclusive, and no information should be overlap among categories.

How to Structure an Academic Essay

When writing an academic essay, one should know the cite meaning. Cite meaning refers to mentioning the name of the sources that have been taken to write an academic essay. In context to cite meaning not only helps in maintaining the name of the sources but also to bring credibility to the essay.

How to Structure an Academic EssayStarting an essay:  When one starts to write an essay, every single paragraph is essential, along with cite mentioning when taking any information from any source. Cite mentioning in such cases becomes essential in academic writing.

Introduction: The first section of academic writing is the introduction paragraph. Writing introduction sorts to develop an introduction that mentions the aims and what the writer wants to write about. One should also state what the essay will try to achieve. One should not go into the details of the critical points in the introduction section as they will be covered in full paragraphs later on in the body of the essay. In academic writing, one should also keep in mind in cite mentioning.

Body paragraph: Body paragraphs are the longest part of the essay with at least three full paragraphs with each paragraph having an argument. Body paragraph, along with cite mentioning, presents an expected structure. Every paragraph contains new ideas along with supporting evidence and examples that have been taken from several sources and are also ensured to be included in cite mentioning. Every paragraph should start with the sign post-sentence that helps in framing the paragraph and helps one to explore in that following paragraph.

All the relevant information and supporting evidence sourced from different sources should be included in site mentioning and the reference section of academic essay writing.

The paragraph should be such which has smooth transitions between them and revolves around the thesis of the essay.

Concluding paragraph: The concluding paragraph is the last section of the essay and is usually of a single paragraph. A well-structured essay ends with a conclusion that summarizes the main points of the arguments and provides a final decision or judgment about the problem that has been undertaken in the essay.

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