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At some time of the other, every student has to face writing a college essay writing. Even if one is a natural writer writing college essays, at times, it is a daunting task. Not only in the colleges, but essay also helps in showcasing the writing skills—moreover, college essays aids in showcasing the personality. In the context of how to write a college essay, from brainstorming essay topic to editing the final draft, one needs to follow a pre-specified format to deliver an impressive college essay.

How to write an  essay

Organized: The first step in the context of how to write a college essay is to figure out what one actually needs to do. Starting on how to write a college essay, one should know exactly what essay one needs to write. After deciding on what one needs to write and how to start a college essay helps in cutting down the work in determining and planning the work.

Steps for How to write a college essayStart early: In light of how to write a college essay, it has a lot of work needed to get properly polished college essays. Therefore, when one in context of how to write a college essay, one should consider supplementary college essays as well to get an idea of it and also have plenty of time to brainstorm while writing and edit the essay. Students can look online to review essay examples that would help one to answer the question of how to start a college essay.

Understanding the assignment: In the context of how to write a college essay, one should properly understand the requirements of the assignment because the success of the college essays depends on it. Also, in relation to how to write a college essay, one should go through and determine what exactly the requirements are.

Researching and creating a primary outline: In connection with how to start a college essay, one should gather information from different sources as per the type of the college essay. The sources for gathering information for college essays can be from the websites, libraries, online libraries, journal articles, etc.

The initial outlining process is the basis of how to start a college essay and provides a framework for the college essays as one starts to create an outline and research one should bullet point to the list of the topics that one wants to cover. Adding links and citations at the initial phase helps in referring to them easily and when one in need. In the context of how to write a college essay, the initial outlining format consists of:

Introduction: Answering the question of how to write a college essay introduction parts cover the essence of the college essays. In addition to how to write a college essay introduction part also consists of a thesis statement that is the central idea of the essay. The thesis statement in college essays should be robust and strong, which helps in eliciting a positive response in the mind of the readers. The introduction should be 10% of the whole college essay having a general idea and a thesis statement. Therefore, the introduction is a brief roadmap that begins with an informative opening line and includes a quick summary of the concept that is to be presented in the college essays.

The opening hook is the very first sentence that helps in grabbing the attention of the readers. Moreover, the paragraph should introduce the subject matter and provide some background to support the thesis statement in college essays.

Body paragraphs: In the context of how to write a college essay body paragraphs are generally divided into three sections in college essays. Each body paragraph of college essays contains specific ideas along with supporting statements and facts to provide credibility to the college essays. The transition should be smooth, and the information should be related in such a manner that it revolves around the main thesis statement of college essays. Therefore, college essay body paragraphs should be in a chronological way where the events are presented in a proper sequence.

Concluding paragraph: The concluding paragraph of college essays in the context of how to write a college essay should be robust. While writing a concluding paragraph of college essays, one should keep in mind not to include any new information other than the information already provided in the above paragraphs.

Revising and editing: There is no one who writes a perfect first draft. Therefore while considering how to write a college essay, one must take the time to edit and think critically about the essay and rewrite as needed. The basic of editing is to look for any structural, thematic issue. One should also look for sentences that do not make sense and therefore needs to focus on the major issues while writing college essays. Therefore one should answer the following questions when in terms of rewriting and editing of how to write a college essay.

  • Does the introduction entice the readers to read more?
  • Is the sequence or the events of the ideas clear?
  • What one can identify with the college essays, and whether the college essays show something specific about the writer?
  • Are there any places where one can replace confusing statements with more specific ones in college essays?
  • Is it too long, and if yes, how can one cut or condenses without losing the essential details related to the particular topic of college essays?

Consulting other readers: In the context of how to write a college essay after editing and reviewing, one can check and take the help of those people whom one trusts like parents, teachers, friends who can be helpful in providing specific feedback. Therefore, while providing feedback the reader should look for the information gaps in the essay in which they are confused about. As soon as the content is nailed down the second proofreading should focus on the style punctuations spellings and the grammar. In relation to how to write college essays, the proofreaders should not change the tone of the essay. Second reading or second pass should look for the following points:

  • Are parts over formal or stilted?
  • Is there any way boring descriptions that could be replaced by something more interesting and specific?
  • Are there any redundancies or repetitiveness?
  • Are the sentences structured and of varied length.

Features of Good College Essays

Writing college essays is one of the most challenging parts; therefore, when in the context of writing how to write a college essay, one should include the following key elements:

Features of Good College EssaysPersonality: College essays should show who you are. Therefore, it should be based on personal interest and what one likes to do. It should be based on writing about your real self.

Honesty: While writing good college essays, one must be honest while choosing ideas. One should not make up things just to put the topic in a favorable light but should describe the accomplishments and the real facts and the figures to make the college essays more credible.

Originality: In the context of how to write a college essay, such college essays should stand out from the crowd and impress the readers by providing originality to the work as it is appreciated.

Focus: One should focus on the topic of the paper and should stick to it throughout the college essays. The success of college essays lies in the writer’s ability, and thus he should not get off the track and make the college essays complete and perfect.

College Essay Guy

Answering the question of how to write a college essay, there are a number of online service providers like college essay guy. Ethan Swayer, the college essay guy, is a nationally recognized college expert and speaker. The college essay guy helps thousands of students and counselors through the online course workshops, books, and articles, and also, the college essay guy also works with a number of students. The college essay guy has also served as a teacher, voice actor, curriculum writer, motivational speaker, community organizer, and a truck driver. Some of the core values of a college essay guy are:

Practicality: Using an authentic voice.

Efficiency: A core value of the college essay guy is to provide products and services with efficiency.

Vulnerability: Another core value of the college essay guy is to listen and empathize.

Patterns and connections: Another common value that is followed by a college essay guy is to introduce narrative therapy and letting know others the power of personal statement writing. The college essay guy also facilitates how one can reframe events of the past and re-author the identity of oneself.

Inspiration: Another core value of the college essay guy is to present the content compellingly and to provide insight into the topic.

Inspiration: Inspiration is another core value of a college essay guy that helps in making realizing others about their brilliance and distill their goals.

You: The most important core value of colleges is to let the person believe in himself and the process of becoming a better person, which is the personal statement, a record of one’s becoming.

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