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People these days search for, do my assignment online, for writing the essays. An essay is a brief piece of nonfiction that tries to make a point in an interesting way. Also, it is a device for seeing almost everything and about almost anything. It is divided into personal biography, objective, factual, and abstract- universal. Oxford dictionary defines an essay as a compact piece of writing on a particular subject. The word essay is derived from a Middle French essayer, which means to test, examine, and drive out.

Before getting into the intricacies of how to write an essay or essay format, one should know the features of an essay. Some features of the essay are:

Features of an essayNarrowed down topic: The topic should not be extensive and should focus on a particular aspect of the subject because of the word count limit. Therefore, in the context of how to write an essay, one should choose a more specific topic to cover. Before pondering over on how to write an essay, one should answer the questions and ask who, what, when, where, and how to narrow down the essay topic. This helps in limiting the number of choices and select something that one has interest towards.

Brevity: The essay should be clear and concise. Answering the question of how to write an essay, one should focus on writing clear and concise content to make the essay more impressive, eliciting a positive response in the mind of the readers.

Structured body paragraphs: In light of how to write an essay, one should concentrate on writing well-structured body paragraphs. Essay format consists of a body that can be described as a series of paragraphs that have a uniform structure that one must maintain in the whole essay.

The essay format contains a topic sentence. In context to how to write my essay, it is the very first sentence as it expresses and throws light on the main idea of the paragraph. It is a kind of mini topic that helps in grabbing the reader’s attention. The topic sentence should be attractive and impressive, which holds the reader’s attention.

The main part: Essay format contains the main part, which helps in developing the topic sentence. While working on the main part of the essay format, one should concentrate on some things that help in making the essay more impressive which are as follows:

  • Illustrate with examples
  • Provide facts or statics
  • Using relevant quotes
  • Giving reasons
  • Sharing experiences

Presenting opinions: In the context of how to write an essay, one should also be sure to cite the sources properly as it helps in giving more credibility to the essay.

Conclusion: The essay format should also include a conclusion that is only one paragraph in which one would end the narrative.

Thesis statement: The thesis statement is the most important part of an essay format that contains the main idea of the essay. In the context of how to write an essay thesis statement, it shows the reader what the essay is all about. Framing a thesis statement in essay format is the most challenging part as it focuses on the purpose of the writing into one sentence in such a way that it would aid in seeking the attention of the reader. In an essay format, while framing the thesis statement, one should ensure some basic things which are as follows:

  • It should not be broad and should be more focused.
  • It should not be disjointed from the body paragraph.
  • It should not focus on a broad topic.
  • The thesis statement should not just be a mere fact.

Personal motivation: In light of how to write an essay or do my essay online, the quality depends upon the writer’s interest in a particular essay topic. Therefore, personal motivation is the key element to present a quality and an excellent essay. Brainstorm all the ideas related to a particular topic and try to organize thoughts by free writing and bulleting the main points that would help in drafting essay format for further the use.

Evidence and examples: In the context of how to write an essay and essay format, every topic sentence in the body paragraph should be supported by evidence and examples. One can

  • Provide more details about the topic sentence.
  • Cite experts that support the opinion.
  • Illustrate with an example, statics and facts.
  • Share relevant experience, if any.

In perspective on how to write an essay, one should analyze the proof and show how one can compare the data and establish causal links. Also, one should try to use transition words and conjunctions to hold the essay together as one unit.

No grammar mistake: in connection with how to write an essay, one should ensure that there no grammatical errors or mistakes in the essay. To make the essay format error-free, one should proofread and make sure to double-check for any possible mistakes like grammatical errors punctuation errors word usage, etc.

Consistent structure: While answering the question on how to write an essay and essay format, one should ensure that the paper should follow a proper structure. Also, one should ensure that the conclusion and introduction are interrelated, and the same goes for the body paragraphs as well when considering essay format.

Coherent: Another factor to be considered when answering how to write an essay and proper essay format the essay should be in unity. Some points that one needs to focus on are:

  • Ensure that the essay topic and thesis statement are coherent.
  • All ideas should be arranged in a logical order.
  • Evidence, arguments, and the conclusion are in coordination with the thesis statement.
  • Using enough pronouns and synonyms so that the essay does not seem to look repetitive.
  • One should also ensure while answering to the question of how to write an essay that there are enough linking words so that the essay format looks coordinated and well structured.

Essay writer and essay bot

In the present scenario, there is various software of essay writers like essay bot that assist the people in writing the essay. Such an essay writer, like essay bot, allows individuals to plug in any of the subjects. Essay writer like essay bot helps the individuals to get quality essay and submit it. Essay bot is a kind of essay writer software that is featured by artificial intelligence. Essay writer like essay bot not only helps in generating and completing sentences but also helps in suggesting and paraphrasing sentences as well through the use of artificial intelligence. Essay writer like essay bot also keeps a check on paraphrases and the plagiarism issues.

            Essay writer like essay bot includes the feature of citation finder, which helps in generating citation matching with one’s essay. Essay writer likes essay bot is a highly acclaimed online platform that helps in writing an essay and provide plagiarism free content to the students and the scholars. Essay bot is an essay writer software of US-based corporation, and the proprietor of essay bot is Aaron Yin. Essay bot was started in September 2017 as resume maker provider and later essay bot streamed into helping students and writing essays for them. As an essay writer, essay bot uses Google scholarly to find citations and research and copy the main points of the arguments.

Features of essay bot

            The prominent features of essay writer essay bot that helps people in providing quality essay write up and articles are as follows:

  • Essay bot helps in finding inspirational sources and thereby suggest and paraphrase sentences. The help of artificial intelligence technology essay bots helps in drawing complete and paraphrase sentences that provide plagiarism free content to the students.
  • Essay bot helps in generating citations and including them. Essay bot system helps in generating the citations that match with the article and therefore makes it easier to fetch the citations automatically with the help of application of citation finder that is introduced by the essay writer software in essay bot.
  • Artificial intelligence supports essay bot providing quality and better research paper articles and essays.
  • Essay writer software essay bot also helps in framing precise emails and other platforms like marketing campaigns. Introducing artificial intelligence, the essay writer software essay bot has helped in giving rock-solid pieces of association and articles. The artificial intelligence has helped essay writer essay bot to study the information from a number of websites and rephrase it into something that is plagiarized-free. The language and the facts are most reliable that is provided by essay writer essay bot.
  • The only problem with such an essay writer is that at times in spite of reasonable facts and language, the results produced and event and in a jumbled manner. Another problem is that the article is not bound by a concrete thesis statement, which is the lifeblood of an essay. Even after the use of artificial intelligence, such an essay writer is not that good to create exemplary papers. Essay bot, therefore, only helps in providing the guidelines and the relevant information about a particular topic and only helps in saving time together with information from several websites.

Therefore, essay writer software like essay bot assists in providing standard papers. As Essay bot does not include the feature of adding heading and subheading to the article, therefore one needs to check the choice of the words and the flow of ideas along with adding titles and subtitles to the paper. Essay bot as an essay writer software is an ideal software when one is looking for the information and references on a specified topic.

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