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Tips on Magazines Format

Working on magazine format, magazine formatting, magazine layout, and designing of magazine template can be very enjoyable yet daunting at times. With the popularity and increasing interest in magazines with an extensive sizeable audience, it calls for the need for effective magazine formatting, a proper magazine format, a structured magazine layout, and magazine templates. Magazine formatting and designing magazine layout and magazine templates on a regular basis can be challenging, especially if an individual or a publishing house is not aware of the important elements of magazine formatting.

Elements of Magazines Format and Magazine Layout 

There are many important elements in magazine formatting magazines format and magazine layout like headlines, image, caption, image running, body copy, etc.

Headlines: It is the essential element of magazines format or magazine layout. Headlines in magazine layout can be of various sizes but should be set in a size bigger than other text of magazines format. The headline in magazine formatting should be meaningful, interesting, and compelling, increasing the chance of an article being read.

Introductory paragraph: The introductory paragraph in the magazine layout is also called intro, deck, kicker, or stand first. The introductory paragraph is the main piece of the content of any magazine layout. It introduces what the headline has succeeded in doing, like catching the attention of a reader. Moreover, the introductory paragraph connects the reader to the main article conveying what the reader’s journey would be when creating the upcoming article.

The introductory paragraph in the magazine layout sets the tone of the article for a reader and, at times, summarizes the entire article. In terms of magazine formatting related to the introductory paragraph, the font size should be smaller than the font size of the heading and should be slightly bigger than the rest of the article.

Body/body copy: The body of magazine layout or magazines format is a more detailed part of a magazine article in comparison to the introductory part of magazines format. Structured body copy fosters in engaging the reader to an article for the most part and generally till the end of the article.

In the context of beginning to design the magazine layout, magazine template, magazine format, one should begin designing the body copy of an article as it takes the maximum space having multiple paragraphs. Therefore, when designing magazine templates or magazine layouts, one should ensure to set the right margins in terms of columns and rows that would help in improving the readability and providing a structured framework to the article. An essential element that one should keep in mind while designing a magazine template or magazine layout is that the body should have a consistent length for all the articles in the magazine.

Bylines: When working on magazine formatting, magazines format, or magazine templates, an individual must acknowledge the individual and the team which has worked on the article. The magazines format or magazine layout or magazine template should contain the author’s name, which should be written under the headline of the article. It is also called by line and can be written in the same font size as of body copy.

Subheading/ subhead: Sub headlines are used to break an article into different sections and compartments, which indicate what the next set of paragraphs would be conveying. The magazines format, magazine layout writing, should be written in the same font as the body copy is written. However, the magazine formatting of subheading should stand out from the body copy at the same time. Therefore, the magazine formatting of subheading should be kept in bold so that it seems to be a subheading or headline. One should also keep in mind while magazine formatting of not placing some heads below an image or a quote in an article.

Pull quotes: This helps in providing a different dimension to an article that makes it look more interesting. Quotes foster in conveying the story to the readers and, if supported by images, become more interesting. Therefore, to present a perfect magazine layout or magazine templates, one should either have a quote from a portion of a body copy or one can summarize a few points of a body copy in different words by putting them and framing them as a quote. Magazine layout or magazine template of pull quotes should be in a font that is different from the font of the body copy that makes it different from the body text.

 Caption for images: Caption for images should be written in a manner which complements the image that is being used in an article as it is considered one of the prominent element when in context of magazines formatting, magazine layout, magazines format or a magazine template. A caption should be used, which describes the image and should be placed immediately below the image, which is an ideal magazine layout or magazines format. The font size of image caption should be the same as the font size of the body copy when considering magazines format, magazine formatting, or magazine layout.

Folio: It should be designed in a manner that does not annoy the readers to go through almost every page of the magazine. It is a magazine layout or a magazine format that focuses on a way of arranging sheets of paper in the magazine by folding them in a certain manner.

Section head/ running head: Every magazine formatting or magazine layout does not need a running head, and some do need any head. As per magazine formatting or magazine layout or magazine template, the running head should be placed at the top of every page of the magazine to help readers navigate the content. Running head should be designed in such a creative manner that it not only looks good but also presents information to the readers. The magazine layout or magazine template of section head should be visually attractive.

Box copy/ panel: The box copy contains important facts related to the article topic, which the reader must know while reading the magazine article. The magazine layout or magazine format of box copy contains the statics and data, which are important to know and short in length. The magazine layout or magazine format of box copy is placed in a box that fosters in attracting the reader’s attention. Moreover, the box can have a dedicated heading as well.

References: One needs to reference additional reading material and also cite the sources. Also, one should ensure to do this in a structured and consistent manner, which does not add clutter to the pages.

Sidebar heading: It is different from the main heading of the article. Sidebar heading tells readers like there is more info here.

Sidebar copy: It has a consistent body text style, which is different from the main body copy.

Credit: One should ensure to give credit to the photographer’s artists and the publishers whose content one is going to be used in the publication.

Therefore, a clear understanding of the elements would help in presenting an optimal design and magazine layout for the magazine.

How to create Magazine Layout

There is no standard or mandatory magazines format or magazine templates that one needs to follow while writing an article in the magazine. The following steps will help an individual to come up with an impressive magazine template or magazine layout:

Magazine formatChoosing a magazine template: It is essential that one selects the right magazine template when designing a magazine layout, which plays a major role in impressing the readers. One should create mockup designs of magazine templates so that an individual can come up with an appropriate design for the magazine. An idea of magazine design helps in showcasing all the necessary details.

Focus on the cover page: It is the face of the magazine; therefore, one should ensure to design it in such a way that it is eye-catching to the reader. One should keep it as detailed and attractive as it possibly can be.

Insert images: While magazine formatting, one should add all the relevant images which are relevant to the different topics in the magazine. Also, one should ensure to use high-quality images with solutions that provide an effective impression in the mind of the readers.

Layout and body text: In the context of magazine layout or magazine formatting, one should check the layout. When checking the layout, one should ensure to place the text and graphics of the image in suitable places. After placing and checking the layout, one should ensure to place the text of the article accordingly with appropriate borders and backgrounds.

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