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In context to how to write a narrative essay, it is a text which is used to tell a story that allows a person to share the personal experiences in a more inspirational. Narrative writing grabs more attention from the readers because everyone likes to read personal experiences. Therefore considering how to write a narrative essay, one should focus on developing a good structure and a compelling story along with keeping in mind the standard guidelines for writing an essay.

The primary objective of narrative writing is to tell the readers about the event’s interactions and experiences that have happened to the author during a particular period. It always has a clear plot in regard to how to write a narrative essay. In contrast, a descriptive essay aims at providing an image of a person or place any experience for an object without demonstrating a chain of events with an absent or vague plot. Therefore, in connection with how to write a narrative essay, it follows a pre-specified structure. Narrative writing is a type of essay writing that has a single subject or central point.

            In connection with how to write a narrative essay, it is very similar to the simple writing of 5 paragraph essay. However, the only difference is that narrative writing has character events and dialogues. Narrative writing includes storytelling plots character climax and an end. Moreover, narrative writing focuses on personal experiences and their own narrative ideas in the form of short stories.

Within the framework of how to write a narrative essay, it has its specific format-specific aspects and central or a particular motive. The whole of the narrative writing revolves around the central theme. Some of the basic features of a narrative essay are:

  • Ideal narrative essay examples support a point, keeping in mind the narrative essay outline.
  • Perfect narrative essay examples are filled with precise details with personal narrative ideas.
  • Best narrative essay examples include dialogues, along with personal narrative ideas.
  • Lastly, ideal narrative essay examples have conflicts and sequences, just like a story in conjunction with personal narrative ideas.

Guidelines of Narrative Writing

Considering the Topic: In connection with how to write a narrative essay, one should be able to write the truth into the story, which sets ideal narrative essay examples. Good narrative writing is one that involves writing by sharing one’s experience with others.

Guidelines of Narrative WritingDrafting:  In light of how to write a narrative essay, one should create a narrative writing outline. Crafting and then polishing it until one is sure that the results meet all the requirements. This is a standard method and an ideal that is used by even the most famous writers.

Storyline elements: Creative writing contains elements like plot, character, settings, and other components. These elements help in attracting the reader’s attention and make narrative writing and impressive one. Also, one should ensure that narrative writing contains all these elements and which is written within all the conventions of English grammar and proofreading.

Point of view: An ideal narrative writing is where both the readers and listeners are able to communicate and understand the central point of the story.

Proving and supporting: In the context of how to write a narrative essay, the writer should show not only the opinion but also presents an argument in support of it. In narrative writing, the writer provides details with facts and references that help in showcasing the thoughts and the results of the conclusions.

Clear writing: Narrative writing should focus on appropriate and straightforward language in the text. The better the reader understands, the better their feedback. Narrative writing should be striking and clear.

Events chronologically: All the experiences and the events should be written in proper chronological order in a narrative essay. By writing the events and experiences in chronological order helps in avoiding confusion and allows everyone to follow the author’s view easily and with interest.

Reading Narrative essay examples: The more one reads narrative essay examples, the more the writer is able to create a well-developed plot. Along with the reading narrative essay examples, one can also look over video presentations and other things, which will help to learn how to present the thoughts appropriately and clearly.

Double-checking the requirements: If one gets such an assignment, one should keep a check on the requirements that are being required and should work accordingly.

Revising and editing: Checking the grammar and punctuation. Rewriting sentences and seeking pieces of advice from your friends that can help in reviewing and editing the narrative essay.

Highlighting most crucial moments:  In light of how to write a narrative essay, the writer should keep in mind highlighting the effects of the most significant argument that help the readers to identify with them and understand their role in the essay as well as their influence on the outcome.

Elements of a Narrative Essay

In the context and ideal narrative essay examples, ideal narrative essay examples have the following elements:

  • A narrative essay entices the readers to get involved in the narrative essay. Recreating the elements fosters in presenting an impressive narrative essay.
  • In the context of how to write a narrative essay, it is a written framework that should contain detailed observations of the events, places, and emotions. Description of the smell, taste, sights, people, and every single detail is essential to produce impressive narrative essay examples.
  • It should be fascinating and interesting. The writer should not be hesitant to be demonstrative. In perfect narrative essay examples, events should be in accordance with the sequence. They should be written in chronological order to get the story across to the readers in an impressive way.
  • The writer should focus on creating a balance by not telling the whole story at once. They should leave a place for guessing, including personal narrative ideas, which is the best feature of excellent narrative writing.

Steps on how to write a narrative essay

The first and foremost on how to write a narrative essay is choosing the relevant topic and gathering information about it. Next is the narrative essay outline mentioning the details. The last step is to revise the essay edit and submit for review. Thus, the steps on how to write a narrative which is as follows:

Steps on how to write a narrative essayChoosing a topic: The success of ideal narrative essay examples while working on how to write a narrative essay depends on the topic. Selecting the topic which is exciting and appealing to the readers. Brainstorming while asking questions to oneself, what to write about, and to discuss with others. Social media, an idea shared by peers, and many other sources are there, which help in choosing an appropriate topic and set perfect narrative essay examples topics.

Outlining the details: As discussed, a narrative essay talks about personal life and experiences. Therefore, it does not need any specific research or information to support facts.

            However, the writer needs to organize the thoughts so that he or she can make claims on the thesis and describe all the details in the narrative essay. To describe all these, one needs to create an outline which includes the following:


It includes a hook and background information.

  • A Thesis statement
  • Body (three paragraphs minimum)
  • Feeling and emotions


The climax of the story based on emotions like tension, anxiety, feelings that one has experienced, and comparing them with universal ideas, so the readers understand writers’ viewpoints. The experiences that the writer has learned, the questions that the readers may ask should be answered in the essay.


  • Restating the thesis statement and the noteworthy points in the essay already covered.
  • Call to action for readers. What does the essay talks about and what the readers can learn from the essay.

Thus, the narrative essay outline structure helps in evaluating the clarity of the topic and also in reorganizing the thoughts if necessary. Also, the writer should ensure to include pieces of evidence and details that help in strengthening the plot and assist in conveying a compelling story.

Writing a Draft

After framing an outline of the narrative essay, one should start to write a draft by organizing the content into three parts, which are the introductory part, that main part with the climax, and a concluding paragraph. While writing a narrative essay, the writer also ensures to write it in the 1st person.

Revising the Draft

Once the draft of the narrative essay is written, the writer ensures that it includes all the elements in the story. Identifying the gaps where more of the details are needed to be included and the details that need to be eliminated so that the narrative essay does not distract the readers from the main plot.

Editing and Proofreading

This is the final step in regard d to how to write a narrative essay. This step involves finding the rough spot. The writer revises the language and the style where he feels the need of it and ensures that the narrative writing is clear and easily readable. The writer ensures not to repeat the words, arguments, and ideas in the narrative essay.

            Editing and proofreading, therefore, helps in improving the narrative essay and makes it more compelling and helps in eliciting interest in the readers.

            Thus, these are some of the steps to set ideal narrative essay examples that help in grabbing the attention of the readers and make the narrative essay more impressive.

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