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Personal Statement Writing

Personal Statement Writing

A personal statement is a compact piece of writing about oneself and interest. Therefore it is an own summary given to the prospective employer that helps you to stand apart from the competition. A personal statement is also required for university or employer. Scholarship applications generally include three pieces of information determinant that one provides to the selection committee. The three elements that one needs to provide include the grades, letters of recommendation, and personal statements. A personal statement is personal, which can be liberating. Therefore a personal statement presents an introduction in front of the selection committee or the recruiter. A personal statement is the heart of the personal application statement. It includes

A picture: Personal statement should produce a picture of you as a person, student, or a prospective candidate for the job.

An invitation: It is an invitation to the reader to know you personally.

Indication: Personal statement presents an indication of your priorities and judgment. The personal statement tells you about your preferences. How and what you say in a personal statement is crucial.

Story: A personal statement is a kind of one story in precise form.

Before writing a compelling personal statement format, one should answer the following questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What you want to be?
  • What is special, unique, and impressive about oneself?
  • What details or characteristics set you apart from others?
  • What are the career plans?
  • What kind of contribution one wants to make, and how?
  • Are you overcoming any unusual obstacle for hardship?
  • What skills does one possess?
  • What are the most compelling reasons one can give to the admission committee to be interested in you?
  • If one has worked during the college years, what have you learned, and how did the work contribute to personal growth?
  • Why is this the right place, or how can you contribute to the organization to grow?

Need for Personal Statement

The personal statement is one of the essential parts of curriculum vitae. It gives an opportunity to sell oneself to the employer by writing concise and easy to understand paragraph. The personal statement focuses on something of the specific skills and experiences that make one perfect for a particular position. The personal statement helps in proving once suitability and convinces the recruiter to read on.

How long

A personal statement is not more than 150 words (3 to 4 lines). A lengthy personal statement can have a negative impact on the recruiter.

What to include

Personal statement format should include

  • Who are you?
  • What can you offer?
  • What are the career goals?

Therefore, one should ensure that all these questions are answered while drafting a personal statement. With the question of who you are, one should always include a brief introduction as the first point. The personal statement can be written in any tense as long as the consistency is maintained throughout.

Personal Statement Help

Writing an application or looking for admission, it becomes important for individuals to use appropriate phrases and statement writing. Therefore, people require personal statement help from qualified experts for professionals with excellent experience in writing personal statements. Personal statement help writing service helps in improving the network significantly. There are a number of service providers who provide personal statements to help at times. Personal statements go haywire if not stated correctly. So, to overcome this number of service providers who serve as personal statements help providers are there to serve. For maintaining a clear and concise personal statement by presenting an overview of who you are, there are many aspects that one should consider while writing a personal statement.

To solve these issues and present an impressive personal statement, there are a number of personal statement help providers. Some of the points that personal statement help providers focus on are:

Avoiding plagiarism:  Personal statement help providers helps in providing the best solutions by providing original personal statements, thereby eliminating plagiarized personal statements. This is how personal statement help providers choose to combat the odds with perfection.

General well-referenced statements: Personal statement help providers also focus on offering 100% authentic content having best in house writers to acknowledge all sources keeping referencing conventions in mind.

No repetition: Online personal statements help providers avoid repetitive content in personal statements. An online personal statement help provider knows that everyone does not follow the same path and does not have the same story. Online personal statement help provide a resource to deliver unique personal statements for individuals on behalf of them.

Client at a deeper level: Delivering excellent personal statement help, service provider needs to understand the client at a deep level. Also, personal statement help service providers should know about the client’s interest in various extracurricular activities. Furthermore, personal statement help service providers should have a clear understanding of the aspirations, motivation, and career objective of the client along with the interest patterns of the client.

Once personal statement help service provider writers craft document that allows the individual in standing out from the ground significantly improving the chance of winning.

Personal Statement Format

When writing a personal statement, an outline of the personal statement format should be framed before finalizing it. Personal statement format should include the following:

Personal Statement FormatAnswer the questions that are asked: Personal statement format should work upon the purpose for one is applying. Personal statement format, when one is applying in a number of schools, may find similar questions in each application that are more or less similar. Students should also keep in mind not to use the same personal statement format in every application. Personal statement format should change slightly in every application and should also be sure that the answer fits the question that is being asked.

Tell a story: Personal statement format should also include some concrete experiences. Fresh, lively, and different personal statement format may help you to put ahead of the pack and may make you stand out from the crowd.

Specific: A personal statement format should be specific, and the application should emerge as a logical conclusion to the story.

Having an angle: Personal statement format should also include a hook that helps in impressing the reader.

Concrete opening paragraph: Personal statement format should have an opening paragraph that grabs readers’ attention. The opening lines of the lead paragraph are the most important of personal statements. This paragraph becomes a framework for the rest of the statement.

Tell what you know: Personal statement format should include a middle section, which includes detail of your interest and experience in a particular field as well as some knowledge of the field. Personal statement format uses professional language and should be specific in relating what the person knows about the field. Referring to the experiences, classes, and seminar that one has attended and other sources of specific information should also be included while drafting a personal statement format.

Do some research: When working on a personal statement format, one should do some research to find out what sets your choice apart. In the context of writing a personal statement for employment, one should also focus on why he wants to work for a particular employer.

Write well and correctly: While drafting a personal statement format, one should type and proofread it. It has been observed that good writing skills and command of the correct use of language has a positive impact on the admission panel, Express clearly and concisely while adhering to stated word limits.

Avoid clichés: drafting personal statement format one should keep in mind to stay away from often-repeated are tired statements.

Personal Statement College Essay Examples

Many online personal statement college essay providers aim to deliver a one-stop solution meant for every standard. Personal statement college essay examples include all from high school to colleges and universities. The providers provide personalized and well-structured ideal personal statement college essay examples formats of the statements catered to particular individuals.

Personal Statement College Essay ExamplesHigh school College essay examples: An ideal personal statement high school college essay examples should say something new about yourself. Ideal personal statement high school college essay examples answer the question of why you are applying and what makes you a suitable candidate. Besides personal statement, high school college essay examples should also include your skills and information that are relevant.

Graduation college essay examples: An ideal graduation college essay examples should focus on student reasons for applying for that particular graduate program. Personal statement graduation essay example should address topics such as career and research goals, academic track records, and particular school of the program of study and how it has impacted the student’s future.

Thus, these are some of the personal statement college essay examples which one should be focusing on while writing a personal statement that helps in impressing the admission committee.

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