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PowerPoint Presentation Online : PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program that is a part of several operating systems office suite like Microsoft, Lotus Corel, etc. PowerPoint templates make it easier to create, collaborate, and present the idea visually dynamically and compellingly. At times abbreviated as PP, PPT is a presentation program that creates a slide of relevant charts, information, and images that are displayed during a presentation. PowerPoint is most often used in business and college presentations.

Robert Gaskins, in 1984, created PowerPoint templates slideshow software. Before that, presentations were created by skilled desktop publishers and were shown form overhead projectors. In 1987, Microsoft was the first company to purchase the software and later released it as a part of its Microsoft suite. PowerPoint employs premade design framework slides that are known as PowerPoint templates. Such PowerPoint templates do not have any content but only contain design elements that encourage the user to place and put content to create consistency throughout the PowerPoint presentation.

Features of PowerPoint

Features of Google slidesTherefore PowerPoint templates are a premade design that one can use to provide visual organization, cohesiveness, and appeal to the presentation. To design a PowerPoint template, one needs to add the content; the rest is defined into the PowerPoint template. Even though separate PowerPoint templates may have different PowerPoint template layouts and graphics, still PowerPoint template aids in making the whole presentation go together as an attractive package.

Free PowerPoint templates use the default setting for font size, color styling, etc. Also, free PowerPoint templates contain placeholders that can be identified from the tasks such as click “here to insert a title”. These types of free PowerPoint templates do not get printed unless the user wants them to.

Free PowerPoint templates are customizable so that the users can make changes to the presentation as desired. For example, free PowerPoint templates title has a black- 18 point font; the user can change the font in such free PowerPoint templates accordingly. Putting standard elements like logos, signs in free PowerPoint templates can change the layout of such free PowerPoint templates.

 In context to free PowerPoint templates, there are two terms that are used, namely PowerPoint templates and Masters. The difference between PowerPoint templates and Masters is that template is a collection of Master Slides. These are some designs of PowerPoint templates that are based on the same Central theme and which are complementary to each other but with different layouts. Main Master, for instance, has larger centered font sizes and large image sizes for creating a better impact. In contrast, Masters within PowerPoint templates usually have the same font and color scheme, but a variation in the placement and the sizing differ based on the content.

There are free PowerPoint templates within the software, and additional free PowerPoint templates can be downloaded from Microsoft third parties on the internet. In addition to downloading free PowerPoint templates, one can also create his PowerPoint templates. Free PowerPoint templates that are pre-installed have a wide range of designs with a variety of business concepts. Also, free PowerPoint templates can be downloaded through a direct link from the PowerPoint in the updated version of the software. Therefore operating systems offer thousands of professionally designed and free PowerPoint templates designs of all categories. Many other sources offering quality free PowerPoint templates and paid and are available online as well.

Using Free PowerPoint Templates

One chooses free PowerPoint templates from the operating system repository, and one can download it to store PowerPoint templates on the computer. Thereby clicking on the download file, it will open PowerPoint that will help in choosing the template already downloaded and is available to use.

Choosing the right PowerPoint template is virtually limitless. When going through free PowerPoint templates, one should keep in mind the layout of the template should be as per the purpose of PowerPoint. Some factors to be kept in mind while using free PowerPoint templates are as follows:

Factors which can help in Using Free PowerPoint TemplatesThe audience: One should be attentive while using free PowerPoint templates to whom the presentation is being catered to. If one is presenting PowerPoint to the corporate crowd, safe colors like black and blue that represent stability and trustworthiness should be the layout of such a PowerPoint template. Similarly, for an artistic crowd, PowerPoint templates can be more colorful with common layouts.

The branding: While using free PowerPoint templates or a paid version of it, one should carefully choose the PowerPoint template, which harmonizes with the logos, styles in the graphic, when the PowerPoint is business-related where branding is essential.

The image: Design PowerPoint templates according to the nature of the purpose or the image. For example, if one is creating from free PowerPoint templates, downloaded or paid PowerPoint templates for creating a presentation that is of a highly technical topic, avoid PowerPoint templates with soft colors and graphics even if they appeal to you personally.

The content: One should ensure that the template weather free PowerPoint templates, downloaded, or paid one should choose that gives enough flexibility to accommodate the copy and the graphics. For example, if the majority content is bulleted, then one should use a PowerPoint template that displays a list in a format that one finds appropriate and may be pleasing to the audience.

Using PowerPoint online helps in creating and sharing basic presentations. One can work simultaneously with others and presents the slides and PowerPoint templates from anywhere. PowerPoint online does not include all the features that the desktop PowerPoint does.

Google slides

Google slides is a presentation program that includes a part of a free web-based software office suite that is offered by Google with Google drive services. Google slides templates are available in the mobile application for Android, iOS, Windows web applications, desktop applications on Google Chrome operating system.

Google slides templates help in creating and editing information online, simultaneously collaborating with other users in real-time. Google slides having Google slides templates is an online application that is supported on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and other web browsers as well. Users can have access to the presentations through Google drive websites. In 2014, Google launched a dedicated website homepage for Google slides templates, which contain only files created for the drive suite. After that, Google launched a dedicated mobile app for Google slides templates for the Android and IOS operating systems. In 2015, Google slides mobile website was updated with a similar and more uniform interface that could help the users to read files through mobile websites, and also, the users can edit the presentations dedicated mobile Google slides, thus preventing editing on the mobile web.

Features of Google slides

Some of the features that a Google slide and Google slides templates incorporates are:

Collaboration: Google slides is a collaborative tool and supports editing in real-time. Google slides help in sharing, opening, and editing of presentations by multiple users at the same time, and the users can see changes as other collaborator edits. Moreover, changes are automatically saved, and revision history is automatically kept so that the users have the option of reverting to the previous versions.

Explore: An additional feature in September 2016 was launched to dynamically generate Google slides templates design suggestions based on the content of each slide.

Offline editing: To view and edit presentations and Google slides templates offline; it can be done through Google chrome extension, Google docs offline, which enable offline support for Google slides file.

Action items: Google launched action items to Google slides in October 2016. In this feature, the user writes the name of a person to whom the Google slides templates and presentation are shared with a comment, and the service intelligently assigns an action to that person. This feature helps and makes it easier for other collaborators to see who is responsible for that particular task.

Add one: Google introduced new add ons and new tools in March 2014 that adds more features to Google Slides, and Google slides templates.

Supported files and formats: Google slides presentation and Google slides templates can be saved in a variety of file formats like .ppt, .pptx, .pps, etc.

G suites: Google slide apps are free for individuals, but it is also available for a monthly subscription with additional business-focused functionality.

Advantages of Google Slides

  • It automatically saves while one creates the presentation.
  • Free to use.
  • Multiple users can work on a single presentation simultaneously, and the edits, if made, appear instantly.
  • It is a kind of collaborative software where the team members can chat while they are working.
  • It is easier to insert links, YouTube, videos, and images.
  • It includes a gallery of premade templates that are made for various purposes.
  • All the Google slides templates are saved in cloud storage, which helps people to access from any desktop and mobile devices.
  • It presents all the details about the history and all the changes made by the team members. It, therefore, allows restoring previous versions if needed.
  • Users can import and export text formats graphics and PowerPoint presentations without any hassle.
  • People can publish their work on the internet quickly and easily.

Thus, these are some of the advantages, and the features of Google slides templates that help in collaborating and sharing the presentations online.

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